Designing a Website?

Designing a Website?

Do's and Don’ts of Web Designing!

Web Development

Web development involves all the technical work done to establish & develop a website. Web design and development Dubai involves coding using any coding language like HTML, JAVA, etc. This coding allows the web developer to display that webpage on the internet.

Web Design:

Web design is the visual layout of a website. It must be designed very precisely with the help of the graphic design software’s.

How Are These Two Different?

So basically, a website must have a technically sound format via which the content must be displayed on the internet. This is done by a developer.

Secondly, a website must be visually attractive. You can’t develop a website with just plain text; you need to make it attractive to the audience. That’s where web design services Dubai comes in.

Web designing and developing are two different things, but they are done side by side if you intend to establish a successful website. Web designer and web developer may be the same person, but mostly they are two different people.

Do keep SEO in mind but Don’t forget the audience

Obviously, to enhance the search engine ranking of your website you need to focus on SEO. But amidst all this don’t forget your audience. Design a website that targets the audience as well.

Do design a visually attractive & vibrant layout but Don’t overdo it

People like bright and cheery stuff so design a vibrant looking website. But most web designers to design a visually attractive layout design rather a cakey website. They add unnecessary colors and visual markers which makes the website unattractive.

Do focus on the layout but don’t ignore the text

Do focus on the layout a lot but ignoring the text can be a huge mistake. People turn to the website to find the answer to something and that they can find only in the text. Place text at the appropriate positions.

Don’t place text in long paragraphs. Pay special attention to the font size; it should neither be too small or too large.

Do develop a desktop version but don’t forget the mobile users

No matter how prevalent mobile phone users are, web developers develop a website for desktop users firstly. But with the increasing number of mobile users, a mobile-friendly version of the website must be developed. This makes the website popular among mobile users as well as desktop users.

Do develop unique Web Design Dubai but don’t underestimate the basics

No doubt if you want to make your website stand out amongst thousands of other competitors’ websites you need to introduce something unique like enhanced search engines within the website etc. But don’t forget the basics while doing so. Because basics never go out of trend.

If you want to develop and establish a successful website, it’s better if you hire a professional for the task because they are trained to do so.

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