SEO tools for tracking rankings and building a healthy and powerful backlink profile

SEO tools for tracking rankings and building a healthy and powerful backlink profile

SEO is all about earning the top slots in SERP. For monitoring the campaign andevaluating its performance,you have to use suitable tools for better ranking and improved backlink profile.

Here you will find ten ranking tools and ten backlink tools that can come handy to improve SEO rankings.

Moz Rank Tracker

Moz is a store of SEO tools that help to improve rankings. You can use the Moz Rank Tracker to track all keywords and gather the latest information from the search engines about the targeted keywords. You would receive emails for any changes in ranking.


Besides tracking all targeted keywords on Google, this tool allows you to track web traffic, research your competitors as well as advertisers, identify keywords that perform well for competitors and analyze backlinks. The tool also helps to fix site issues and identify high paying keywords.


This free tool is excellent for checking keyword rankings. The tool provides elaborate information about keywords that you track on search engines. The accuracy of the results is quite commendable. Besides checking keyword rankings, you can also check page authority, domain authority, Alexa rank, domain age, etc.

This keyword rank checker tool is unique in that you can paste a list of keywords alongside the domain name that makes it easy to track all keyword rankings in Google. By using the free tool, you can set alerts on position changes and automate the reports of keyword ranking.

Keyword Rank Checker Tool from SERP

This is an easy to use tool for checking all keyword ranking on Google for your selected keywords. Entering the domain and keyword together with the name of search engine and location is all that is required to obtain a list of keyword rankings.


SEOCentro is the destination for various SEO tools. To check the keyword rank for any targeted keyword on Google you can use the keyword rank checking tool that provides advanced keyword metrics for related keywords. The tool also helps to check page speed, keyword density, social media shares, etc. Moreover, visiting this site would be ideal in case you are looking for the best paid seo tool.

Small SEO tools

This website is a known swell destination for free SEO tools. Among all the tools, the keyword position tool is the best as it helps to track Google keyword ranks accurately. You can check your ranks in search engines for specific keywords to know what works for you.


You would find a very useful keyword-ranking tool on this website for checking keyword ranks on Google together with the positions it acquires on various search engines. You can locate the exact position of any keyword about the domain name.

Cute Rank

This free keyword- ranking tool can batch your keyword positions on different search engines from Google to Bing, Yahoo, etc. The tool facilitates the analysis of changes that happen to keyword positions concerning your SEO strategies.

Keyword Spy

This tool is good for conducting keyword research besides identifying the high performing keywords of competitors. Also, you can track your targeted keywords on not only Google but also other search engines.
Let us now turn to some backlink tools that can help to improve SEO.

Check My Links

This tool is an excellent backlink checker that helps to accelerate the process of link checking by identifying broken links on other websites to replace it with high-quality links. The active links show up in green color, and the red ones are broken links.


Although the tool is primarily known for assisting in your link building strategy, it can do many more things. It can help to analyze your backlink profile and popularity, carry out keyword research and even track keyword rankings.

Broken Link Builder

Broken Link Builder is a tool that does away with the need of checking every single web page for broken links. Instead, the tool searches the web and presents a list of broken links in just a few seconds. The list helps you to start working towards enhancing your link popularity.


This tool is different from others in that it is an exclusive local SEO tool. The tool helps to find link opportunities for link pages, niche directories, sponsorships, guest blogging and more. The tool is your best friend in NAP (name, address and phone number) citations.


This powerful tool packed with features aids outreach and link prospecting. Since outreach is critical for building high-quality organic links, you have to use the tool for gaining maximum outreach. Based on your search preferences, the tool helps to identify targeted opportunities.


It is natural that you would like to know about every backlink that you acquire, and Linkstat is a tool that helps you to keep track of new link arrivals. The tool automates the process of highlighting new links as soon as it reaches the website.


To keep a close track on your link development project, the Buzzstream tool comes in handy. The tool helps to know the status of the campaign and track its progress. Just by pressing a button, you can share tasks with your team and set reminders for follow up.


This tool has much more features than other backlink tools but is slightly more difficult to use. The purpose of the tool is to help find the best influencers and bloggers, measure the value of content and maintain relationships.


For better understanding backlinks, and to understand what your competition is up to, you can use Linkody, the backlink tool. You can gain insight into the link building strategy of competitors. Whenever your competitor gets a new link, you would receive the information in your email.

Monitor Backlinks

This is a tool for everyday use because it becomes your assistant in creating a healthy backlink profile. It provides information about site speed and keyword ranking, new backlinks and informs you whenever competitors acquire a new link.
The tools give more assurance to users of doing well in SEO and choosing just one tool is enough to fulfil specific objectives. 

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