SEO Guide: How to Build A Conversion-Oriented Landing Page

SEO Guide: How to Build A Conversion-Oriented Landing Page

You are into online business and have approached the best E-commerce website design company to build your website.

Your in-house copywriter has included the most engaging kind of content with bold headlines that call to action any potential customer who happens to browse your website. While your digital marketing strategies may be in place, you must not underestimate the need to develop a conversion-oriented landing page to enhance lead conversions.
You have researched about your likely target audience and know well what they are looking for. Though not all may be imminently interested to buy your products or avail your services, your potential customers will be willing to know more about your business and the benefits they would derive by investing with you. To engage the right traffic, it is important that you redirect them to your website’s landing page where they can learn about the purchase process. As most marketing campaigns have a short shelf life, most companies ignore the need to build a proper landing page for their products. Even if they create a landing page as a part of their marketing strategy, the need to continually optimize it remains disregarded.

How to create a conversion-oriented landing page?

This is a question commonly asked by website owners as they struggle to optimize their landing page in a bid to augment the conversion rate of the leads collected and gained through their business website. To ensure a well-optimized and conversion-oriented landing page, you must:

  • Never use your homepage as your landing page;
  • Know your customers well;
  • Include necessary details on your landing page;
  • Include content relevant to your business and customers needs;
  • Ensure consistency of message throughout the page;
  • Ensure visibility of your call-to-action tabs;
  • Don’t overload your landing page with content;
  • Images are effective in lead generation;
  • Keep your landing page user-friendly;
  • Ensure that your landing page is free of clutter and unnecessary information;
  • Minimise distraction by disconnecting any link between an ad and the landing page. If you have different landing pages for different products, then you may create your own ads showing your different products to increase conversion rates;
  • Include scarcity tactics to create a sense of urgency;
  • Know your customer details, but don’t ask for too much information;
  • Details on the landing page must be in sync with the information provided on your website. This is important to create and retain the trust factor between the brand and the customer;
  • Inform customers that you value and respect their privacy and hence their details would not be shared with anyone else. Add a link that would redirect them to the page detailing the privacy policies of your website;
  • Test every widget and button on your landing page to check if it is working properly;
  • Loading time of your landing page must not exceed 5 seconds as lengthy loading time might compel your customers to shuffle through other websites, especially, those of your competitors.


One must consider optimizing the landing pages of their websites to increase lead generations, thereby ensuring higher conversion rates. This will not only improve the site’s usability but also boost Return on Investment (ROI) of the campaign.

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