Remote working - Corporate relinquishing traditional office spaces

Remote working - Corporate relinquishing traditional office spaces

Imagine, you are sitting on your couch, sipping your morning coffee wearing your most comfortable clothes and preparing to start your work.

If we were in the old times I would ask you to stop imagining and just get ready to leave for your office.
NO, the time has changed and so is the mindset of the new and young corporate owners who are ready to give up the traditional office culture and are widely adopting the new free working remote culture.
Most of the people get rusted and feel burned out from their 9 to 5 job, which is actually not 9 to 5 as they are working till late sitting in the cubical giving their whole life to the projects and the targets that are to be achieved by the end of the month.
Don't stay in an imaginary bubble that the remote working doesn't involve these work pressures, it does but the only difference here is that you are free to do it as you like, wherever and whenever you want it to do.
With the youth getting more into productivity and less into the number of hours that define their abilities, the employers are setting the trend by leaning more towards the agile approach, but wait do these company owners get any benefit from this?
Of course yes..!

How does remote working help corporate owners?

No more investing in the office infrastructure

The most important benefit of the remote working approach to the business owner is, he doesn't need to spend money on basic requirements like office space, electricity, tools of work.
Having remote working employees means you don't need to provide them the work desks, maintain their computers or spend money after the small employee requirements like food or refreshments which normally the corporate company culture follows.

Broadens the employee talent pool

Having a specific office headquarters and a fixed working space no more attracts the new generation industry workers. They are born in an era where it's very easy for them to communicate and keep in touch with the people with whom they want to work.
Moreover, the best benefit for the employers here is that they can choose their workers irrespective of the location as they are free to work from anywhere and the only thing that matters to them is the delivery and the quality of the work that is delivered.
Here the talent doesn't get bound by the boundaries as everyone can work with one another setting a virtual workspace.

Employees better work-life balance

Disturbed work-life balance is what every person working in the corporate world keeps complaining about. The work pressures and over time makes them spend most of their life in the office leading their personal life to nothing.
Remote working culture keeps the employees free from the difficulties of work-life balance as they could manage their work along with fulfilling their personal responsibilities by being with their family and friends whenever needed. As every pro has it cons remote working also comes with its own cons but it's up to you how to learn the lesson into the work-life balance to manage your remote working idea.
Here what helps the owner is that he has no more need to deal with the personal problems that his employees are going through and also gets his work delivered on time.

Remote working builds trusts

Trust is the biggest factor that needs to be powerful when you are working with someone virtually. Imagine you are paying someone and sharing your project details without even knowing them or meeting them in person. It's a big step that not more of the people would like to adopt or follow.
Allowing the employees to work from their desired space shows them that you trust them, whether it's in terms of work or maintaining the privacy of the projects. Having these basic values with the employees would help the employer increase employee retention and would help to build long-lasting relationships with them.

It increases the productivity level

It is often seen that a person can give better outputs in the workspace that makes him comfortable. Work from home will help the employees led a stress free life and an extra 2 hours of their life which they normally spend traveling to and fro the office, as they no more need to rush to catch the bus or drive faster to reach the office on time.
Apart from the workspace and the relaxed schedule, remote working will help employers make better use of technology that makes the work from home process much easier than it seems to be.
Often it happens that there would be more communication with the people at a distance than the ones that are physically in the company, thus covering the communication gap that most of the corporate workers have. Also, it has been noted that doing some virtual team building activities can definitely improve their output. This stimulates team collaboration and develops a fun work environment.

Reduce overall cost

Research says that 36% of the employees would choose the work from home offers over increased salary in the in-house working.
Based on this research, employers try to bargain with the new employees by bribing them with the opportunity to work from the place that they feel comfortable.
Doing this will help them to keep the wage bill down and improve the cash-flow that most of the start-up owners are worried about.
Here the owner can use the saved money to invest in the new opportunities that come along thus keeping the overall cost of running the business low and helps gain more profit.
So stop overreacting if your employees are demanding to work from home as its time to break the taboo and accept what the new generation is asking for, as what better than sitting at your favorite cafe and listening to your music and working for the projects that you really love.
In the end, the thing that should matter is how effective is the work that your employees deliver and their loyalty towards the work commitment. Team management and coordination are what you require to make your employees work from home efficiently. So start adopting the new corporate changes as this is how its going to work in future.

Posted by James Vargas

James Vargas
James Vargas is an experienced business expert, consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered, business consulting services. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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