Qualities Of A Good SEO Agency You Should Always Keep In Mind

Qualities Of A Good SEO Agency You Should Always Keep In Mind

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is continuously in the minds of digital marketers and website owners today.

As one of the top metrics for page rankings, it's very important to have this mastered. Other companies may have an in-house team to work with them, but others have to resort to hiring a third-party agency that has proven results like strategicSEOsolutions.com. Either way, everyone always wants to work with the best. That way, you know that your efforts in growing your business don't just go to waste.
In order to succeed, however, you can’t just immediately hire the very first agency that you come across. Finding a good Australian SEO agency takes a lot of research, based on the qualities that can assure you of their credibility. To ensure this for you, here are some of the good qualities of a good SEO agency to look out for:

They Practice Open Communication

One of the top qualities to look out for in a good SEO agency is that they practice open communication. By this, it means that from the outset, they tell you exactly what it is they're going to do for you. Specifically, they're transparent as to the strategies that they'll do to get you on the top spot of rankings on Google.
Examples of job inclusions that a good SEO agency should be very transparent about include:

  • Offering ongoing website maintenance to ensure better that your site continuously improves in rankings
  • Performing audits on your site, link profile, content (to ensure crawl efficiency), and your homepage performance
  • Implementing link generations on all pages across your website
  • Sending monthly reports based on the analytics of your page's rankings
  • Adding necessary plugins for your SEO efforts

As you filter through SEO agencies based on the job inclusions, be wary of those that only provide you with vague job explanations. A good one should be particular about the services that it can, and it will provide.

They Are Very Analytical

Doing well isn't a matter of memorization. It involves deep and analytical thinking. For example, a good agency should be able to comprehend analytical data that search engines such as Google will provide about your website. They don't just stop by presenting you with the figures. Hence, for starters, a good SEO agency should be able to play with numbers and be driven by data. If they're not, then you're better off looking for another one instead.

They Don't Overpromise

When you're still in the first few meeting days, stay away from SEO agencies that promise you results that are too good to be true. To begin with, a good SEO agency should never overpromise anything. They know how far they can achieve, based on the current standing of your website. From the very beginning, getting your website and positioning it right on the first few pages of Google is no easy feat. So, a good agency should never promise you anything like they can achieve that for you in a week. No, that's just close to impossible.
Whatever timeframe your SEO agency should promise you is one that you also know entails a lot of hard work and effort with resources. Time, money, and so much more work from both of your ends are going to be needed.

They're Responsive

Being responsive means that when you, the client, have a question or a raise of concern for your agency, they respond to you promptly. They don't make you wait for long before your concerns are adequately addressed. Especially, for instance, those that need immediate action. No matter how busy the SEO agency is, there should always be someone from their end to respond to your call when needed.
Along this line, also, note that excellent and good-performing SEO companies keep their clients informed with monthly reports and weekly updates.

Reaching Out To You Regularly

Throughout all your business activities, you and the SEO company that you're working with should have a pleasant working relationship with each other. This means that even on those days when you seem to have no concern at all, the SEO agency reaches out to you. Have they recently obtained updates from recent training in SEO? They should inform you about this. Is there any change that they may want to apply soon enough? A good SEO agency won't leave you hanging simply because you haven't contacted them, too, for any concern.


SEO is one of the most powerful tools to help boost your marketing strategy, and thereby also your sales. If you've long been slacking along this line, this year, you must make it a point to improve on your SEO strategies. That way, you can be even more competitive in business. One of the best ways for you to achieve this is by hiring the experts, SEO agencies. Not just any SEO agency at that, but the best of the best, with the qualities mentioned above.

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