Qualities of a Remarkable e-Commerce Website

Qualities of a Remarkable e-Commerce Website

With the ever increasing competition in today’s e-Commerce sector, you need to have an upper hand over your competitors in terms of both design and how you run your online business.

Unfortunately, designing your business website presents a number of challenges that are not common in most types of web design. Worse, various factors determine the success of your e-Commerce website and it might take some time before you can finally figure out the areas of weakness and strength.  In this article, we will look at some of the most notable qualities of a remarkable e-Commerce website.

Fast Load Times

The duration it takes for a webpage to load plays an important role in determining the number of visitors you will receive.  If your site takes more than 10 seconds to load, chances are it is never going to drive immense traffic.  This is because visitors may shun away from working with the site and instead take their business somewhere else. Worse its ranking on major search engines will definitely be lower when compared to competitors’ website.

But what slows down the speed of an e-Commerce website? Well, a number of things come into play when it comes to the speed of your site. First and foremost, the type of templates you choose to use can end up slowing down the speed. This is mostly the case with clumsily coded templates, as they take longer than usual in loading. It is for this reason that you are always advised to work with a reputable design marketplace like Template Monster, as they guarantee quality.

Apart from the templates used, including so many videos and photos can also affect the loading speed of your website. Luckily, you can handle this by reducing their numbers significantly after which you will notice changes. If you cannot manage the number of photos and videos on your own, then you can simply seek the help of professionals from a digital marketing company.

Easy to Navigate

When selling products to visitors online, you must make sure buyers do not have to go through a lot before getting what they need. Even though the ease of navigation is mandatory for every website, it is more vital for e-Commerce sites. After all, lost buyers mean lost sales and hence you should put in the necessary measures to design a site with logical navigation.

Due to the high number of products presented in an e-Commerce site; you may face a host of challenges with navigation. Large websites are the most affected since they have more options meaning it might take some time before you get what you need.  To handle this issue once and for all, you need to mull over how an average buyer will try to locate a product. Keep in mind what makes sense to your company may not be the same route an average buyer would take. So make an effort to test your website in order to identify any possible navigational problems.

Focus on Products

Quite a number of e-Commerce site owners focus on the design and forget about the products. In the end, design ends up overpowering the products available for purchase. There is no wrong in including shopify themes on your site but the extent at which they are used can end up tarnishing the image of the site rather than building it.

Including profligate templates in your e-Commerce for no reason is never going to help you with anything. As a matter of fact, it only draws the attention of visitors away from the products to the design. Ensure you employ simple but high-quality designs and they can never compete for the attention of buyers with products.

Strong Brand

It is with no denying that the brand will influence the purchasing decision of many buyers. For this reason, you ought to create a strong brand be it online or offline. E-Commerce websites are part of the overall branding and hence they must conform to the organization’s branding efforts.  Remember, your customers should always feel comfortable at all times as it is the only way in which they can visit again.  

When the branding does not attract attention, be sure nothing can make customers visit your site in the first place. Take your time and learn the tips and tricks of branding your website after which you can put them into practice. If things are still not going according to plan, you may be making some mistakes or the market is very saturated.


Last but not least is the responsiveness of an e-Commerce site. Actually, this is a no-brainer since a responsive site can adjust the layout across various screens and devices.  With the ease of acquiring tablets and Smartphones, many shoppers prefer using their hand-held devices in making a purchase online.  You should therefore get the most out of this market regardless of whether you are designing an e-Commerce or B2B website.  

If you cannot make your e-Commerce website responsive, then the business is destined to fail sooner or later.  This is something you do not want at all costs and that is why you need to make the necessary changes before things go out of hand.  That is where responsive templates come into play since they make it possible for you to fiddle with your site across various devices.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of the most notable qualities of an e-Commerce website. If you are planning to increase the online presence of your business, then you must ensure the site has all the above-mentioned qualities. Fortunately, you can create a professional e-Commerce website without seeking the help of experts. All you require is a little DIY skills after which you can use the numerous website templates in designing a good template. Never rush into making decisions with the anticipation of doing things faster since the site will change your life for the better.  Exercise patience and figure out a template that works perfectly for you.

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