Pros And Cons Of Developers Time Clock Apps

Pros And Cons Of Developers Time Clock Apps

Irrespective of what you are doing, time will always be an issue. Majority of people feel that the time we have is not enough, they have more things to do than time can allow.

Smaller companies, start-ups and businesses have time as one of their major issues. To efficiently manage their time, businesses may consider getting a time clock app that would help them in so many ways. It would help them solve certain problems that they may have when it comes to developer’s time management. It would also help them save money. This free time tracking software that has been developed has been known to be efficient when it comes to the tracking of payroll hours. This app is great for these small businesses as it would help them save loads for money and time.

As a business owner, start-up developer or company executive, you definitely would love to get the free tracking app, but before you do so there are certain things that you need to know. We will discuss some of the major pros and cons of the time tracking app. This would ensure that you have vast knowledge and also evaluate if the free tracking app would be ideal for your workplace.

Pros Of Time Clock Apps;

1. It ensures that all developers have outlined work schedule;

In every organization, when developers work different hours, it is not just difficult to keep them all on the same page; it reduces their overall productivity level. Getting the time clock app would ensure that a schedule to set in order to get them working perfectly together. This schedule will make the workplace organized and also ensuring that all in the office are able to work together to achieve the already outlined business goals.
Time clock apps enable the sharing of these schedules and also allow all to change them when necessary. This brings an end to the time of paper schedule, with the free tracking app, developers can be alerted when there is a change in plan without having to call for a meeting.

2. Tracking tool helps small businesses, start-ups and companies to pay developers for exact hours worked;

Paying developers is one of the important duties of every organization. Most of these organizations either overpay or underpay developers for their services; this is because they do not have an app that will accurately keep track of the time each developer has put into in the growth of the business. With this free time tracking software, hours worked are tracked automatically and they are saved to a database of the company.

3. Replace the cost of tracking sheets;

Businesses who make use of the mechanical time cards would definitely feel the impact in their pockets. They would have to pay for paper cards each week and most times even twice a week. For a small business, this could become a major challenge. It could gradually add up to the hundreds if not thousands of dollars of incurred expenses. Asides the cost, the time of having to input manually each developer work hours into the computer system or database. This not only eats money but also time that would have been used to carry out various productive tasks.
Making use of the free tracking app would mean saying goodbye to these expenses and time. The money that was used to purchase these paper cards would be used to add to the growth of the business. Also, the time used to manually input these hours would be put to productive use.

4. Comes with notifications;

The free tracking app allows employers and developers to set up little reminders. These reminders could be set to remind developers or even the manager to carry out a specific duty at a given time. This feature helps to increase the efficiency level of all as they can attend to top priority assignments at the appropriate time to ensure that they meet deadlines.
When there is a change in schedule or plan, this app quickly notifies all in the office.

Cons of free tracking app;

1.Frustration amongst developers

When the tracker is monitoring the activities very closely, the developers have to strict their actions and they might have to manipulate their tasks and activities. This fear may create dissatisfaction amongst developers and can also affect their performance.

2. It cannot work when power is turned off;

Generally, online applications would not work when they cannot be accessed from the computers of these developers. This free tracking tool would greatly affect companies or businesses that have electronic clocks that everyone makes use of. Another con of this system is that developers can use their mobile phones to log out from the app and when this is done, the manager or business owner would have to log back in and fill the hours manually.

3. Complications

Many of the tools that help to track time are a bit complex to understand. It takes a lot of attention and repetitions to understand the matrix and still developers tends to forget. This ultimately restrains developers to clear their doubts or to learn more about it.
But hang on; these tools are managing a very crucial aspect of the job on a real-time basis. So they are not difficult but surely have sequences that need to be understood. For this there is appropriate guide installed, still, if you face some issue, you are offered a service around the clock to solve your queries.
Technology has many flaws and they keep on improving with the time. So it is left for you to choose which option would be best according to your requirements. Weeklytimelog is a game changer in this field and it stands out of crowd. It offers free trial subscription and has a very remarkable customer service of 24*7
But the point stays where it should be. The focus should be on performance and not just for counting hours.

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