10 Best Tips and Tools to Boost Productivity for Internet Marketers

10 Best Tips and Tools to Boost Productivity for Internet Marketers

The major role of the internet marketer cannot be overemphasized these days, and is high in demand.

Now more than ever, the internet remains to be the best and fastest way to advertise your latest product, business or promotion. From banners, email campaigns and affiliate marketing, there are endless ways for the internet marketer to be successful. So you’re an internet marketer? Wondering how to best represent yourself and be more productive than ever? Here are the 10 best tools out there (both software and advice) to promote, excite and handle your job better than you ever have.

1. Don’t work harder, but smarter.

Like many other freelancers, internet marketers need to manage their time extremely well. Forget about that micromanaging boss hanging over your shoulder. If you want to make a higher income, have a ‘work smarter, not harder’ mentality.

2. Invest in a new computer if yours isn’t up to par.

Don’t panic about the cost of a new computer. Instead, invest in one that will help you to become as productive as you need to be with the latest equipment available. Make sure to have the right amount of RAM, power, software and disk drive space for you or your clients needs.

3. PPC tools.

Discover which keywords your competition is betting on, export your ad campaign straight from Adwords into Adwords Editor or create your own master list of the best keywords for your business.

4. Invest in SEOmoz software.

Just as important as the right attitude is SEO software to improve your visibility on the web. Consider investing some time learning about SEOmoz and install it as your top SEO software. It gives any internet marketer valuable tools such as rank tracking, page recommendations and monitors your competition.

5. Focus on client relationships.

Do your interpersonal skills need a tune-up? If you work from home and rarely interact in person with clients, you may need to focus on connecting with your clients more often. Don’t disappear in cyber space! Instead, focus on getting to know your clients and how you can best serve their needs. What may result are new leads, and a great recommendation!

6. Have clear expectations.

Don’t just assume your new customer understands where you’re coming from, what you can do for them or the results you can produce. Tell them (over and over again!) It’s also important to have a clear understanding of what they want. Then, you can rest assured you’re delivering results by being the most productive internet marketer out there.

7. Multitask.

As an internet marketer, you battle with managing and updating your social media platforms all day long, answer phone calls and promote yourself to potential customers. Now that’s multitasking like a true pro! Don’t get sidetracked with the work your staff can do. Delegate where you see fit and stay on top of your most important assignments.

8. Passion.

Focus on the passion for what you do. You no doubt became an internet marketer because you love what you do. So, focus on that emotion anytime your productivity feels like it’s at a stand-still. Make a list of what unique skills you have, what makes you so successful and ways to improve your craft.

9. SEO Tools.

Invest in learning about some of the best SEO tools on the market and see results. SEO Toolbar for Firefox can help internet marketers track SEO and PPC ads, create backlinks and overall make more money with their websites.

10. Prioritize.

Take care of the most pressing tasks first. Afraid to tackle that time sensitive project that’s due tomorrow? Don’t hide from it all day, procrastinating about it during your lunch break and stressing over how behind you are. Instead, wake up early, get it done and have a great rest of your day.

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Tom Woodie
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