Organic SEO: 10 Steps To Google Rankings

Organic SEO: 10 Steps To Google Rankings

Every business needs visits and clicks from users on their website, irrespective of whether for learning about their products, services or the brand. But what if it fails to attract enough data traffic to boost the brand in the path of success?

Such companies can easily implement SEO campaigns to drive more data traffic and sales by earning higher ranks on the SERP. Organic SEO is one such strategy that helps them in achieving their goals.

Organic SEO

Almost 75% of users do not look beyond the first page of search results. So without higher ranks, the business does not get much sales or leads. Organic SEO tactics help in this regard by attracting larger data traffic and generating higher revenues.

Since around 90% users search online through the likes of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., organic SEO helps in optimizing these renowned search engines. This attracts more visits to the website, almost 8 times higher than traditional marketing and generating 40% of the revenue.


An organic SEO strategy consists of various techniques that help in improving the website and provide the best possible results to the clients. Some of the strategies include:

  • Understanding customer demands

Every business thrives upon its customers. So understanding their demands and the kinds of products or services they expect is important to take the business forward. The types of words and phrases used by readers for searching in various search engines are pivotal. These, when implemented in the content of the website, can cause massive buzz among the customers and generate more data traffic.

  • Extensive keyword research/li>

Keyword research is the most crucial part of the strategy. It helps in figuring out the words and phrases that are important for the products and services offered by the business.

Organic SEO helps to find the monthly volume of searches on keywords and their keyword difficulty with the help of certain tools. Those with higher searches and less difficulty are implemented in the content to generate more data traffic.

  • Adding multimedia

Images, infographics and videos can be crucial in keeping users engaged to the website and breaking up monotonous long texts. Users remaining engaged ensure spending longer periods on the website, which lead to higher rankings in search engines.

  • Keeping an eye on competitors

It is important to be up-to-date with what the competitors are doing so that with the help of SEO services, the business can stay ahead of them. Assessing their strengths and the use of keywords used by them form an important part of the strategy.

Keeping a tab on the use of keywords and their domain authority and page authority, one can stay ahead of others and make their websites better.

  • Adding image alt tags

SEO services use this as a strategy to gain higher rankings on the SERP. These are descriptive texts added to images in the form of codes for Google to understand about the images and how they are relevant to the content.

These help to gain the trust of search engines and attain better rankings.


  • Updating HTML

SEO services help in bringing changes in the HTML, especially H1 and H2 tags, meta descriptions and URLs. Also, the introduction of relevant keywords in these sections helps in gaining the attention of search engines as well as users, effecting better rankings.

  • Link buildup

This is another important strategy for the steady growth of the business. Inbound links keep users on the website. High quality backlinks help in driving more users to the website and generate more data traffic.

  • Introducing blogs

Businesses can portray valuable information to the visitors through blogs. A well-written blog with engaging content, presence of important keywords as well as some inbound links can guarantee to drive more data traffic.

  • Keeping track of rankings

It is important to keep track of the growth of the website following its optimization. It helps in making changes, if required, to maintain the rankings or go even better.

  • User-friendly website

This is very essential in order to generate more traffic. SEO services help in making the sites user-friendly and efficient so that users can find their desired information easily. Better web designs, along with engaging content and faster loading speeds ensure potential customers will spend more time in the websites.

Ending note

Although businesses can carry these out themselves easily, the help of experts for these services can guarantee best results. Organic SEO is the real game-changer for any business who aims to take the next giant leap.

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