Must-Have Recruitment Tools For Mass Recruitment Companies

Must-Have Recruitment Tools For Mass Recruitment Companies

Any company looking for a mass recruiting drive needs to have an HR department that is capable of bringing quality along with quantity.

It is a crucial job if you have experienced one! The HR tech is thus booming and making way outs for the mass recruitment companies for efficient recruitment.
What are the vacancies? What are the priorities? What is the expectation? What pool of candidates are you looking for? How much budget and time do you have? What channels should we advertise at? An HR department has these questions already for their strategy making. There are also a huge number of HR tools available. Now they should not be loaded whit questions regarding what tools are suitable for their needs.
Don’t worry! We have curated an ideal guide for you to decide at once which tool you need and how you select one, hassle-free.

Employee Referral Software

Employee referrals are the best way to source candidates for a mass recruitment drive. But it becomes tedious if you have to handle and analyze all those referrals by yourself. Employee referral software and application are your things if most of your sourcing is done by referring and referencing.
Employee referral programs (ERP) is not an easy job as you have to encourage the employees to do so. That is why to make the job easy many Employee Referral Software service providers are increased in the market. Some among the top are Jobvite, RolePoint, Zao, Referagig, Simmpler, Boon, etc. Choose among this cream software for your company and you will not regret it later.

Location Technology

Location technologs

IP recognition has been adapted in career tracking in mutual funds and insurance industry. It is still in its young age in the talent acquisition sector. The basic principle of location technology is that it tracks the candidates as per geographical location and gives you the entire database of the location of your choice.
This is an excellent method of sourcing if you are looking for candidates with a specific geographical location. After all, you want to cut on accommodation and travel expenses of outstation candidates! Also, as IP recognition is new in the recruitment industry, it cost less to adopt the technology. Don’t be late!

Artificial Intelligence For Mass Recruitment Companies

This is the most trending tool used in the HR tech recruitment industry. It doesn’t have one application, it can be applied to many aspects of recruitment. First, invest in an AI technology now, learn it, master it and then you can apply it in any section you want. It is customizable and smart.
Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence helps in the following recruitment tools for better assistance: AI chatbots for approaching and conversing with candidates, AI scanner in Application Tracking System and other screening software, AI scanner for social media profiles of a candidate, AI scanner for video interviewing and analysis, AI scanner for distant testing software and many more. It is ingrained more than you think! Adopt it now!

Mobile Recruitment Apps And Tools

The world is going mobile with applications, software, tracking tools, connection platforms and much more on a single palm! When you are thinking to go mobile ion your recruitment plan, you need a whole strategy to make that possible.
Your mobile strategy should consist of sourcing, advertising, and retainment features. A responsive website, a social network on selected platforms, chatbots, big data for contact details and AI to make it all easy is what you require for your mobile strategy!

Versatile ATS For Mass Recruitment Companies

ATS nowadays have AI integration compulsory. The main reason being the versatility of job resumes being analyzed by mass recruitment companies. Versatility in ATS ensures that you don’t bias any profession by the same set of keywords or the same set of the algorithm to follow.
There are social ATS available now. ATS also comes with skills matching, CV parsing, job posting at multiple platforms including social media! Grab the multipurpose ATS and any job role would not seem like a challenge to you to fill.


When you take it as a game, you are already making it competitive for the candidates. This practice is being followed by applying competition factor into your testing step of recruitment. Giving out coding competitions for hiring programmers, management competition for the executives, designing competition for the creative and sales competition for the business development executives.
This has two benefits, you get public and business attention and secondly you hire the best because they have already proved their mettle in the competition.

Internet Sourcing

There are resources with you and you are not using it efficiently. Your website’s careers page is a sourcing tool if you are a big brand. Collect data every year and use it whenever you want to recruit. Secondly, social media, networking platforms, and job portals are rising in the industry. Use the best to your advantage.
The only key to all these is regularity. You can’t do it all in a month before recruiting. Plan nor for your upcoming mass recruitment drive.

RPO Assistance For Mass Recruitment Companies

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) helps you get the quality candidates, test them and onboard them with you. When you loaded with a big mass recruitment project in hand, you must get trustworthy collaborations to get the job done right.
There are local and international consultancy firms in a huge number to get the sourcing done right for you. There are tech firms and online services like Questy to help you out with tests, analysis, and reports of a pre-employment test. There are firms to help you run the advertising campaign for mass recruitment. Choose the right RPO by looking at the local service providers, they would work the hardest for you.


The only challenge left for you is to get this information and sort it out at once for your needs and start implementing in your mass recruitment process! And remember, these are the trends of the current age, if you don’t master them now, you won’t be able to get the cream layer of talent available.

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