How to Acquire Customer Satisfaction for Long-Term Relationships in Your e-Commerce Business

How to Acquire Customer Satisfaction for Long-Term Relationships in Your e-Commerce Business

Acquiring customer satisfaction for lifelong relationships in your e-Commerce business may seem like an impossible task, but it’s not.

Whether you are a fashion business, real estate, warehouse business or make up business, you should have one goal: customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers most likely will equal to repeat customers.
In today’s modern era, customer satisfaction is a must. Due to social media and technology, customers now have a voice and platform to share whether or not a business is worth anyone’s time. Customers now know exactly what they want and use technology to look for what they want. This is why ensuring that they are satisfied not only with your products but also with your service.

Customers are not numbers

One of the biggest mistakes a business can do is treating their customers as just numbers. Treating them this way is basically giving them out to other brands -- better brands. Your customers are not just numbers visiting your website or social media pages -- they are actual human beings. Treating these customers well will lead them to become repeat customers. Business owners need to stop thinking that these people are just here to spend their money -- they are here to patronize your passion.
Customers bring profit - the profit that becomes your income and let’s you keep your business going. So make sure you give your customers the respect and service they deserve.

Connect with them through social media

As a brand thriving in this modern era, it is important that you use your online presence wisely. Make sure to make a personal connection with all your customers online. Be quick to answer inquiries. One of the many ways you can also connect with your customers is through the content you put out. Recently published video marketing stats highlights the importance of using video in your content marketing strategy. Build your content calendar and publish content that you believe the customers can relate to or you could create posts that they can enjoy.

Consistent superb customer service

Consistent superb customer service will totally hook your customers -- they will keep coming back. However, if you give out great customer service this day and give them bad service the next, they obviously won’t be back. Consistent superb customer service will also make your customers leave good reviews. If I think about it, when a customer would Google my business reviews and they see great reviews there, I know I have done my part as a business owner. Remember, word of mouth is still one of the best ways to market ones services or products. Being detrimental for consumers, these reviews may also show where your business is located.

Focus on your customers

As a brand, it is important that you focus on what your consumers both need and want. It is essential that you come up with digital marketing trends and ideas that would target your desired audience. For instance, you are a clothing shop selling basic tees and minimalistic clothes, you should find ways to show minimalistic people how your brand differs from other brands. Make sure your marketing schemes attract the consumers you want.

Hire the best and treat them like you treat your consumers

As a business, having people with the same goals and values is a necessity. This is why when the time comes that your business becomes too big for you to handle, you should hire the best. Make sure to hire people that value your consumers as much as you do - this way you have nothing to worry about when these employees handle different customers. However, it is not enough to simply hire the best; make the best actually want to stay. A lot of businesses have fallen due to the injustices employees had to go through. Always treat the ones you work with well.

Make your mark

Businesses have one shot to capture a customers interest or curiosity, that’s why you should make a great first impression. Leaving a good mark will have these customers coming back. Always keep in mind that these consumers are just one bad experience away from choosing another brand - make sure all their experiences with you are good.

Managing customers expectations

Always be honest and transparent to your customers. If a certain item will take too long to arrive, tell them. This way they can get to decide if they would be willing to wait for the item or not. Customers have the mindset that all products are perfect and as much as we want to keep up with that expectation, it really is not a good business move. Make sure that your consumers know what’s really up. Never promise them anything unless you’re a hundred percent sure you can follow through. It’s better you manage their expectations and then go the extra mile rather than promise them one thing and fall short.

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Lidia Hovhan

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