Must-Have PDF Tools

Must-Have PDF Tools

Online PDF converters are only one type of PDF tool that is available to both casual and everyday users of PDF files. Other tools are multi-faceted and give users a wide range of options for use with PDF files. These tools let users not only view their PDF files but also edit them, merge or split them with other files and let them leave comments, PDF annotations as well as security features. With a large number of PDF tools available online it can be difficult to pick which one is the best, but these selections are some of the most outstanding PDF tools available online. 

H2 - Viewing PDF Files

Viewing PDF files is one of the most basic functions that any PDF tool can provide. But this function is also something that other programs can offer without having to use or download a special PDF converter tool or buy expensive software. 

Google Drive 

Google Drive is universally used and among its many features, it also allows users to view PDF files. Users can easily sync their PDF tools or other software to Google Drive and export their files there. Once loaded into Google Drive users can access their file by selecting it from the New File menu and previewing it, which is the equivalent of being able to view it. 

If users want to open the file, they can right-click on the file and choose a program with which they want to open the file, Google Docs being one of the available programs. The file will open in Google Docs and be fully viewable. The PDF file will also be open to editing, but only the text, as Google Docs will not give users the ability to change or manipulate the file in any other way. 

Adobe Acrobat DC 

Adobe Acrobat offers a free PDF viewing tool that can be installed onto any computer with any operating system - Windows or Mac. The tool is available for download and can easily sync with any cloud-based storage platform from OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive so users can import or export their files anywhere. 

Not only does the Adobe Acrobat program give users the ability to view PDFs, but, because it is an Adobe program, it also offers a host of different tools and features. Users can add comments, and share files with other users through the program’s limited user options, which are still more than other PDF viewing-only tools. 

Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) 

All web browsers now can open and view PDF files thanks to their pre-installed software. Whereas in the past, PDF files sent online or through email needed specific software to be viewed, now, with the click of a button any PDF file can be opened easily in a web browser. Users can click on the PDF file to open and view it in the browser. 

They can also open any PDF file installed onto their local hard drive if they do not already have a PDF viewer or tool installed onto their computer. These web browser-based viewing tools have limited other options like rotating, downloading, and printing PDF files. But for any other major changes like editing and adding or removing text, users need to install a dedicated PDF editing tool. 


Preview is the pre-installed software that comes with every device running Mac OS operating system, so it’s only available to Mac users. But the tool has many unique features beyond simple viewing. Users can, of course, open and view any PDF file with Preview, but the program also offers many advanced tools that even PDF viewer programs like merging, splitting, and adding comments or annotations to PDF documents. 

H2 - Splitting and Merging PDF Files

Splitting and merging PDF files is a one-of-a-kind feature of PDF files that requires a little more than what PDF viewers can offer. It is not a complicated process, but most PDF viewer programs do not offer it as a feature. This function of PDF files requires a dedicated PDF editing program (whether an online program or desktop software) to accomplish. 


SodaPDF is an online PDF editing program that features a Merge and Splitting tool among its many offerings. The program is available in a browser version but can also be downloaded to any device regardless of the operating system, Windows, or Mac OS. The program is also very user-friendly and users need to only open the Merge or Split tab in the program and drag or drop their file into the browser. 

Once they have arranged their files into their preferred order, users can then click the Merge Files button to begin the process and then download the new file or share it with others. Soda PDF also allows for Batch Import so users can select many different PDF files and merge them all at once. 


Small PDF is another online PDF tool that gives users the ability to merge and split files, along with many other features. Users can download the program or use it online if they want, as the program guarantees the safety and privacy of all their user's documents when they are processed through their online servers. 

SmallPDF also has a very easy-to-navigate interface and makes use of the drag and drop feature to help users more easily merge or split their files. When the browser is open to the Merge and Split page, users can drag and drop their files into the browser or upload them from their hard drive. They can arrange them in any order and then click Merge files to complete the process. 

Lumin PDF 

LuminPDF is a versatile, easy-to-use PDF editing tool that offers merging, splitting, and combining among its many other tools. The program is compatible with several operating systems and can also be downloaded for offline use, including with smartphones and other devices. 

Users of Lumin PDF can easily merge or split their files within the browser by clicking on the Page Tools button, which opens a drop-down menu that reveals the different editing options like Merge Documents, Split, Delete and Combine. Users select the Merge Documents tab and select the files they want to merge. They can also arrange them in a new order and then click Merge to finish the process. 

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