Must have marketing tools for your business

Must have marketing tools for your business

Starting and running a business needs a lot of hard work, grit, and belief. Still, a lot of companies shut down within a few years. The main reason is that one or very few people working on all the tasks. 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% in their second year, 50% after five years and 70% in their 10th year.

Marketing is an essential part of any business, and there are plenty of marketing tools online to help the enterprises perform the tasks efficiently. There are many tools and resources online for every need. Here are the most essential and useful tools that a business will need irrespective of the industry and size of the company. These tools provide a cost-effective way for newly established brands to market their products and services to a target audience with a lot of precision when compared to other forms of advertising.


Trello is an organization tool where you can share blog posts before publishing online. On this tool, your team members can review the job, make changes they like and also add comments they’d like to convey. Since all the users can view all the information, there is no duplication and clarity in communication.
This collaboration and feedback on the blog post are usually done over e-mail an exchange which leads to missed messages and confusion at certain times. Trello provides a clear insight and reduces the re-reading of multiple e-mail exchanges to understand the information. Trello is easy to set up and invite the team members. It also has a simple and easy-to-use interface that sets it apart from other similar tools in the market. Trello is one of the best tools with the highest rating in the market with regards to collaborating with others in marketing tasks. Look at the screenshot for better understanding. You can move to your boards by signing in.

Marketing Tool - Trello


Buzzsumo tool helps you with the data that you need to understand your audience and your competition. For your audience, you can use this tool to check the kind of content that performs best with each search engine and audience. It provides accurate and detailed data for each niche or keywords you search for. Such high-level data helps you determine the next step of action in your content plan.
You can use Buzzsumo to find out what kind of content is ranked high and has a high number of shares on each social media platform – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GooglePlus, Pinterest and the total number of shares for each post or page. A screenshot of BuzzSumo search results page.

Marketing Tool - Buzzsumo


Hubspot is all-in-one software as it helps in marketing, sales and Content Relationship Management. Hubspot software includes tools that help with the following – Blogging, SEO, Website, Landing pages, Lead management, Call-to-action, Social media, E-mail, Marketing Automation, and Analytics. Since Hubspot manages everything, it brings your entire marketing funnel together. It is essential for the marketing funnel to be in good working order, and Hubspot does just that for you. This is the reason it is most preferred and referred for those starting up new businesses. All the critical tasks are covered and managed within a single dashboard.


Hootsuite is the only tool you need to manage all your social media accounts. There is no business today that is not on social media or does not require being on social media. So this tool is useful for every business. Hootsuite allows you to schedule your social media posts which are a huge time-saver. You can use this tool to identify influencers for your sales and marketing teams. You can also use pre-written responses on the, so you don’t have to spend time thinking while adding new posts. You can reply to comments, mentions and everything from a single dashboard. There’s no necessity to visit a single platform to manage the profiles.
With Hootsuite, you can manage as many as 30 social media platforms from a single dashboard. Conglomerates with several companies can manage all of their social media accounts for all the companies using Hootsuite. Digital marketing companies who manage social media accounts of their clients also use Hootsuite. It’s a savior for such companies as they don’t have to log in to several accounts to manage them or draw reports to send to their clients. Hootsuite is the ultimate social media marketing manager you need.


E-mail marketing is an essential part of every business’ online marketing strategy. E-mail marketing technology is used by more than 80% of B2B and B2C companies. MailChimp was introduced in 2001 and has been effectively used by millions of businesses across the world since then. Currently, it has more than 12 million customers and is the top e-mail marketing provider in the world.
MailChimp has a free plan with less than 2,000 subscribers. You can send 12,000 e-mails per month in the free program. Since the tool is widely used and well-established, it has a self-service support option where you can easily find answers to almost any question you might have. Since new businesses are most likely not to have more than 2,000 people on their e-mail list, this is most preferred. Also, the user-friendly tool makes it a breeze to use for newbies. This tool provides ample opportunity to try different e-mail formats until you figure out what works best for your business. This helps especially people who are practicing in verticals like attorney marketing, chiropractors marketing, etc.
MailChimp has several theme-based options that can be used for designing newsletters for your business. Ecommerce stores can integrate MailChimp with their websites. The integration allows automating product follow-up e-mails, in the stock messaging and other e-mail communication can be set up effortlessly. MailChimp also has third-party integrations with major tech platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Salesforce, Shopify, etc. MailChimp report for the sent emails would be like :

Marketing tool - Mailchimp

More than 205 billion e-mails are sent in a day. MailChimp sends at least one billion of those. The most crucial factor in e-mail marketing is that your e-mail should hit your receiver’s inbox and not their spam folder. Since Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have in-built features to filter spam e-mails that come from an untrustworthy IP/domain, Mailchimp works best to take your e-mails to the inbox.
Using these tools will help you in your digital marketing efforts as it covers e-mail marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. It will help you deliver consistent and valuable content to your audience, help in meaningful engagement that will yield better results.

Fazeela Lakshmipriya
Fazeela is a Digital Marketing Executive at Bright Bridge Infotech, an Lawyer SEO company and she enjoys learning about the Digital Marketing field. She specializes in guest blogging, blog publishing, and social media. She is an avid reader and loves writing impeccable contents pertaining to digital marketing. She holds a bachelor degree in Engineering.

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