Mobile Marketing Tools in 2019

Mobile Marketing Tools in 2019

Over half of the world population owns mobile phone devices. That is an enormous amount of user base that provides for immense marketing opportunities for businesses and other corporations alike.

With that number steadily growing across the world on a consistent basis, mobile marketing has become more important than ever. An argument could be made that it is the most important marketing channel going forward.
Even in its beginning stages, marketing practitioners and businesses with vision for the future realized the huge potential of mobile marketing and started to capitalize on it. In 2019, mobile marketing is no longer a complementary piece in your marketing strategy but one of its key points. That is to say, neglecting mobile marketing nowadays can signal the beginning of the end for your company.
Mobile marketing provides many advantages and benefits to businesses that other marketing methods cannot offer. Due to the rapidly developing nature of mobile devices—which boasts ease of use and all-encompassing features—mobile marketing has got far ahead of traditional marketing methods in both use and importance.
To put it into perspective, the global mobile marketing expenditure in 2019 totaled almost 180 billion USD (second to TV) and is expected to take the number one spot by 2021 when the expenditures will reach as far as 243 billion USD.
Therefore, it is an opportune time to start using and implementing mobile marketing to reap its benefits in full. The potential for growth for your business is endless and even if it does not get you to the promise land or meets your expectations in full, it does not hurt to try because you will benefit in one way or another.
There are dozens of mobile marketing tools available. In this article, we will discuss the most effective ones in thorough detail—like what their benefits are, how to use them and the highest authority tool for those specific channels.

Social Media

Social media has become the virtual hub for most of the world. With social networks growing in numbers (as does their user base), it is hard to ignore this channel from a mobile marketing perspective. Social media, having been perfectly optimized for mobile devices, has therefore become one of the most potent mobile marketing tools.
Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit are ideal social media platforms to conduct mobile marketing on, as not only do they have daily users in the millions, a majority of them are mobile device users, which makes them a target for mobile marketing.
These websites also have built-in advertising software you can use to do advertising. The features allow you to select your target demographic through filters such as age, gender, geolocation, choice of device and so on.
With that said, micro-managing so many social media accounts one by one is a daunting task and can take up a lot of your time. Fortunately, there are online paid programs available that let you manage all your social media accounts from a single software.
Buffer is one of those applications. It allows you to manage multiple accounts all at once and to schedule posts, upload pictures and videos and so on. You can also check out how your accounts perform statistically through advanced analytics reports. This does not come free, so you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee but it is totally worth if you want to skip the hustle.

SMS Marketing

By a long shot, this is the most used type of mobile marketing. You may be wondering why but the answer is simple—it is limited by almost nothing. SMS Marketing is not restricted by any boundaries, consequently it can potentially reach anyone you would want regardless of their location in the world.
Though for best results, you will ideally need to identify the appropriate audience to receive your messages and target them. This helps avoid appearing as spam and increases the legitimacy as well as efficiency of your campaign.
Another extra benefit of SMS as a mobile marketing tool lies in its cost-effectiveness. Running an SMS marketing campaign, regardless of scale, is almost always cheaper than its other counterparts. This makes it an ideal tool to use for companies and businesses of any size.
It is also noteworthy that SMS has the highest engagement rate of all communication channels, with 98% open rate within three minutes of receiving the text message and over 30% response rate.
SMS Marketing is not complicated by any means. You do not need to send text messages to thousands of recipients one by one. All you need to do is to find the right platform that offers bulk SMS messaging service.

Mobile Video Marketing

At no other point in time of history have people “consumed” audiovisual content like nowadays. It is in great demand as evidenced by the ever-increasing number of videos emerging in all kinds of social media websites. It is the simplest and most engaging way of communicating information with people, not to mention its entertainment value.
For this reason, mobile video marketing has gained tremendous traction, becoming a significant marketing channel. A lot of marketers were quick to implement it and are now experiencing its benefits in full. You should follow suit in order not to fall behind.
There are many online video makers through which you can create your own videos. With so many tools and effects built into these online video-editing platforms, you have the opportunity to create unique and engaging videos optimized for mobile platforms, thus making full use of mobile video marketing.


Mobile marketing tools do not stop there. For every aspect of your mobile marketing campaign, you can find a relevant tool that can help you. Need a platform for in-app advertising? Google has you covered with its AdMob, which lets you select your target application to run ads on. You can track your results through data provided by its analytics reports.
Since having mobile-friendly websites is a must if your ambition is to climb to the top of search engine results, Google also has tools like Page Speed Test and Mobile-Friendly test. The former tests how fast your webpage loads for mobile device users and the latter tests how optimized your website is on mobile platforms—both are pretty important to take into consideration since they directly affect the bounce rate of your website.

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