Key Things to Look for When Finding Influencers

Key Things to Look for When Finding Influencers

Key Things to Look for When Finding Influencers

Influencer marketing can be tricky. Why? Because not many marketers know what to look for when finding the right influencer for their brand.

To make it easier for you, we’ve listed the top 5 things to look for when finding influencers in 2020.
Take all of these things into great consideration as it may or may not make or break your influencer marketing efforts.

High Engagement Rate

What is considered a high engagement rate? I’d say over 3% is above average. But why find influencers with high engagement rates? It entails their followers are real, and well, engaging.
The higher the average engagement rate of a digital influencer, the more likely their followers are going to like, comment, share, and visit links from their content.
This will inevitably result in more sales and brand awareness!

Authentic Content

Authenticity in influencer marketing is the most important key to selling. Audiences don’t want to be bombarded with “salesy” content. They want to see a particular influencer talk about a product they genuinely love and use on a regular basis.
Tell a story. Find an influencer you can build a relationship with and who believes in and uses your product. This way their message comes across as authentic.

Fake Followers and Fake Engagement

Use an IMP! So what is an IMP? It’s an influencer marketing platform. Utilizing one of them will be the best thing if you want to find the very best influencers who don’t have fake followers or fake engagement.
The developers of these platforms have created algorithms so the influencers on their platforms are authentic meaning, real followers, real engagement, & high engagement rates.
Some are fairly costly but other influencer marketing platforms are more affordable or free.
Take the time to find the right IMP, to find the right influencers, to save money and not spend money on the influencer’s not providing any real value.

Micro or Macro?

Of the 5 influencer types, micro-influencers are the most bang for your buck and have taken over the marketplace. The generally have 1k-50k followers.
But why are they so effective? Brands refuse to spend big ad-dollars on one macro-influencer (100k+ followers) and find it more beneficial to utilize multiple micro-influencers. You’re covering a wider range of the audience using multiple channels as opposed to relying on one.
You can spend less on 10 micro-influencers and reach out to a wider audience as opposed to using 1 macro-influencer.
These micro-influencers are also a very low risk due to their followers more often than not, being a low number of robots - equating to more real engagement!


So please make sure the influencers you are using have real followers and real engagement on their profiles and that their previous influencer content feels authentic.
Using an influencer marketing platform can make everything much easier as they spot all of the fake engagement and followers and don’t allow these users on their platform.
Happy influencer marketing!

Posted by Ahkeem Sealy

Ahkeem Sealy
Ahkeem Sealy is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at the revolutionary Instagram influencer marketing platform Ainfluencer - where brands can find the perfect digital influencer for them. Visit the Ainfluencer homepage and get your hands on the 2020 Real Deal Instagram Influencer Survey Report to learn more about what makes micro-influencers tick.

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