How To Start A Cold Email Campaign For Your SaaS Company

How To Start A Cold Email Campaign For Your SaaS Company

Cold emails can be the most effective strategy for the growth of any online business.

However, it can be the most difficult one to execute. Any successful business endeavor should start with a strong and appropriate foundation. And in the promotion you are about to undergo for your SaaS company, the following 5 tips could greatly help you.

1. Know where to find your prospects and identify them.

In starting a cold email campaign, the first wise move would be to identify the people you want to reach out to. So how will you know who they are? Or better yet, where do you exactly start to find them?

Thanks to the existence of social media sites, it’s now easier to find people and connect to them. But hopping into the social media platform of your choice immediately without doing some proper reconnaissance is a bad move, so great care must be exercised.

Though Facebook has the greatest number of people that you can reach out to, it might not be the best choice if you are just starting as a cold email agency. LinkedIn might be the best place for you to start since it is built specifically for furthering online businesses. Within the platform, finding groups of people that have the same interest as you would be a lot easier since it is a social media site that greatly focuses on employment and e-commerce.

This step requires a lot of data indexing and classifying tasks. For this reason, having the right tools to help you must be a priority. To make it easier for you, online platforms such as should be highly considered. Within its interface, a dashboard that can help you manage your entire business is available. Furthermore, it simplifies the act of reporting, messaging, and handling meetings for all your staff.

2. Build your email list the smart way.

After doing your initial recon steps in which you have browsed through social media groups where people that might be interested in your services can be found, the next crucial step would be to build your email list. While gathering people’s emails is relatively easy, it would be an unwise move to just collect and collect without properly classifying them.

In connection with the previous step, one of the very first moves that you have to execute is knowing if the social media group you’re checking out is suitable for the type of services your business can offer. Once you have made a sound judgment for it, the next step would be to start reaching out to the people within your chosen group or page.

Once you’ve already identified your prospects, you must then move on to the next step, which is often the most difficult – connecting to them and convincing them that they need your SaaS company. During the process, you need to be prepared for the possibility of getting ignored or rejected – this is a part of the reality of the business.

The good thing though is that great favor surely falls into the hands of the persistent and if you’re persistent enough, you will surely attain the leads you need for your initial campaign. Once you do, you have to make a list of the names and email addresses of the people that you feel are the best ones that could help you launch your first cold email campaign.

3. Master the art of making personalized emails.

Email platforms like Gmail and Yahoo mail make sending messages to a lot of people so easy. We can even send a single message to thousands of people in just a few clicks. But simply relying on such a feature isn’t a healthy practice if you want to get serious with your cold email campaigns.

To make your messages truly convincing, you have to learn the art of making personalized emails and master it – there is no better way of launching cold email campaigns or any kind of campaign for that matter. A good email template for an effective personalized email for your SaaS promotion should appear like this:


Hello there.

I happened to browse through your social media page and I figured out you might need some help with your [the prospect’s type of business] business. I am [your name]. I am a part of the software development team of [your SaaS company name] and I am greatly interested in furthering the growth of your business endeavors.

The following are the most powerful features that our software services can provide:

[Feature 1]

[Feature 2]

[Feature 3]

(a short, yet comprehensive description should follow after each listed feature.)

If you have some specific functionalities that you want to be added to your business pursuits, we would be happy to work them out for you so you can make the most out of the services we offer.

Thank you so much and more power!


You have to bear in mind that no cold email would be very effective if you don’t make it as short as you can. One of the reasons why email marketing becomes an important tool is that they are not annoying. If you make your emails too long, it would defeat the whole purpose of the strategy.

To make it so much easier for your company to deal with tasks like this, hiring high-end agencies would be very helpful. There are cold email agencies such as Growth Rhino that can handle the task well. The prices they offer are very affordable even for startups which makes it a wise decision for any SaaS business to tap into the services they can offer.

4. Make the best possible newsletter responses.

As stated in the second step, there will always be a great likelihood that you’ll be rejected during your initial approach. But there will also be the possibility of receiving positive responses. Once you do receive them, one of the wisest preemptive strikes you can do is making the appropriate newsletter responses for your prospective clients. They don’t need to be fully-finished newsletters, just a draft or outline about how you will respond to the positive feedback you’ll be getting.

One of the best methods employed by many successful online companies today is the spreading of publications on their blogs, ebooks, or newsletters. If your SaaS company can publish the latter regularly straight to your clients’ emails, the chances of your leads increasing will be very high. 

5. Know when to stop and when to proceed.

Here’s one thing you need to know. Being aggressive with your business efforts is a very good thing. But channeling your aggression in the wrong direction and the wrong moments can hurt your reputation real bad.

It’s the reason why you have to be very sensitive in figuring out if a certain person or group of people isn’t worth your time, or if they are interested enough in your software services or not. You have to understand that even though the capabilities of your application programs might be among the best of their kind, there are other software out there that people can easily obtain for free. The point is, if people unsubscribe to you, or if they reject you, you have to respect their decision and move on to other prospects.

If you insist on your persistence in the wrong direction, it could damage your reputation as being spammy. Put this to heart. Word-of-mouth is a very powerful business promotion element, and if people will spread the word that you are very annoying and disruptive to their activities, your potential for greatness would be severely damaged.

If you’ve executed the above-mentioned tips properly, there is a great possibility that you will gain positive leads along the way. Once you do, just focus on what you can earn from them. It will be truly worth your time if you know when to stop, when to proceed, and in which direction you should invest your efforts.

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