How to make your bond stronger with your employees on this valentine

How to make your bond stronger with your employees on this valentine

Valentine’s Day is approaching and lovebirds are busy in buying the thoughtful presents.

But have you also thought of ways to express your love and appreciation for your employees? Valentine’s Day is the day of love, but it's not only dedicated to lovers. The day is all about spreading happiness and cheers all around with doing something that makes the other people happy. Employers can also take advantage of this special day and dazzle their co-workers with their meaningful appreciations. As a manager, you should keep your team motivated all the time so that they can perform well. In a recent study, it was cleared that leaders who cultivate a positive emotional culture for the employees, improve daily productivity. There are several ways to win their hearts and some of them we had mentioned below. So, check out this article and do something that can make them happy and motivated all the time.

Express your Gratitude with lovely Valentine Gifts

The day gives you an opportunity to say thanks to your colleagues or co-workers. The words “thanks” is itself a powerful word that’s enough to express your feelings of gratitude. But if the unique Valentine gifts accompany your words, then it will be just mind-blowing. You can throw an email, a small note or a speech to appreciate their contribution to the firm. All these are the best gestures that never fail to appreciate the efforts of all.

Workplace flexibility

Workplace flexibility is very important and highly desirable. A flexible work environment leads to employee satisfaction, increases productivity and improves the overall performance of the employees. A little flexibility to the work is a good thing. You can do it many ways like allow them to do work from home when they are not able to attend office or a little flexibility in timings or allowing them to leave early for a special event or any other important work. If you had not applied this work-flex, then this Valentine’s Day try it now. We are sure that your worker will love this change.

Small celebrations

Small celebrations are necessary always to maintain a positive and happy aura at the workplace. Celebrate the small achievements as these little things motivate co-workers to do the best next time. It gives a much-needed boost to your employee as well as strengthen your bond with your team. Respect their efforts as it will be the first step to win their heart directly. On Valentine’s Day, spend some quality time with your colleagues forgetting the hierarchy and enjoy the day in a fantastic manner.

Appreciate their efforts

It is our nature always to be praised for the work we do. Actually, it gives strength to put more efforts. Your employees are the pillar of the organisation. A small note of appreciation will reassure, motivates and gives them the fuel to do the best for the company. On the special Valentine’s Day, organize a one-on-one meeting with all your employees and appreciate their valuable contribution to the organization by presenting wonderful Valentine day flowers to them. It will give a much-needed boost to your the employer-employee relationship.

A good listener

To strengthen your bond with your employees, you should spend time listening to their ideas and feedback. You can organize a one-on-one meeting on a weekly basis as well as on Valentine’s Day too as it will be a better way to improve a relationship with them as well as for enhancing the company’s processes. This practice makes them feel that they are a valuable part of the company. Your employees will feel that you trust in their abilities.

Above are some of the effective ways to make your bond stronger with your employees. So, this time, spread smiles on the faces of your employees by doing the above practices and impress them all.

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Joanna Gale

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