How to Make a Successful Research Poster? Tips and Tricks!

How to Make a Successful Research Poster? Tips and Tricks!

How to Make a Successful Research Poster? Tips and Tricks!

Being a Ph.D., you probably have created a research poster at one point, or you will make one in the future.


You would make all hard attempts to create the best poster, but out there the competition is intense and hence you need to create one that stands out!
But how do you make one? Reading this post will help you know about various tips and tricks to make an attractive research poster that stands out.

1. Follow the ‘3-30-300’ Rule

As per this rule, you only have 3 seconds to grab the attention of the audience through your poster. Then you have 30 seconds to keep them engaged and let them go through the overall message. You must create a message that is clear, concise and gives take-home information. Place the most important information right below the title.
The 300 seconds of this rule is to ensure that the audience reads the entire post. To follow this rule, make sure you create a well-designed Business Flyer Design And Poster.

2. Visualize the Research

Your poster can stand out with visuals in it. Such visuals grab the attention of the audience. It is essential to include appropriate visual elements in the research. The visuals must be of relevance to the title of the topic. This way, the poster will not just be able to attract the audience, but will also be able to convey the information. The visuals must always support the message. Hence, when you select an image or visual representation then make sure they are in accordance with the information and support your message.
Additionally, you can add something exclusive to your research poster like a barcode or link to an animated platform.

3. Check for Whitespace and Font Size

Check for font size you are using. Avoid using a font size less than 24 points. Also, do not use different font sizes. You can use two different font sizes to mark differentiation. If you use different types of font sizes then this will make your post appear messy and difficult to read. If you want to bold something then don’t use italics.
Besides font size, the ‘white space’ in the poster must be taken into consideration. It is essential to use the white space in a way that you can read the complete poster in just 300 seconds and from a distance of 1 meter. An efficient way to check for proper layout of the poster is to take a print on the A-4 size paper and see that whether the layout is readable or not. If the poster appears nice and is easy to read then you are moving in the right direction.

4. Pictures and Names

Since it is your poster, so your name must be well-highlighted. If you wish then you can select to place your name on the top right below the title, while mentioning the name of your supervisors at the bottom of the poster. Another excellent way to grab the attention of the audience to your poster is to place a picture of a photo of yourself on the poster. This is a simple yet effective way to grab the attention of the audience to not just your poster but even to your identity and letting them know that you have created the poster even when you are not there next to it.

5. Using Colors on the Poster

Your color palette is the next big thing that is going to make a huge difference to your poster. White and black color combination might look subtle to you, but actually, it is quite boring and unattractive. Limit these two colors for your attire and check for other bright colors in the palette.
But this does not imply that you infuse your poster with too many colors. Using too many colors can make the poster confusing. The best rule to keep in consideration is to use colors in a simple yet attractive way. You can pick two or three colors to use them at different places. Pick a light and subtle color in the background and take two bright colors to highlight the content. The background color and the color of the font must have enough contrast.

Wrapping Up

With these tips and tricks, you can definitely prepare an impressive research poster at a conference. These tips have helped a lot of professionals and so will work for you too. So, just follow each step meticulously and design a poster keeping your audience in mind so as to obtain the best results!

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