How to increase website revenue in 2020

How to increase website revenue in 2020

Website revenue is something that everybody wishes for.

All the digital publisher author wants to have good website revenues to attain financial stability.
The revenue can come in any possible way, either it may be subscription, organic traffic or paid traffic.
If the contents are not exposed to the right audiences, all the hard work is worth nothing. In order to meet their financial goals, digital authors try new strategies.
Some of the biggest mistake that the authors make are:

  • You need to be willing to give enough time for the subscription.
  • Unwilling to give any online traffic
  • There is a lack of commitment to making the subscription model.

This new year make a resolution to work hard to get the desired financial stability you want. To get that financial stability you need to work on all the tactics that you can come up with.
Let me help you help with the tactics. Here are the four tactics that will help you in increasing the website revenue.

Strengthen your community

Do you know what your audience needs? Are you spending time understanding your audience? Do you think that your contents are good enough to make your audience loyal to you?
If you are not thinking about these things right now then forget about having a good revenue on your website. You first have to make your audience loyal to your content. Give them a reason to pay for the subscription.
Post a variety of contents. Do not get fixated on a single form of a post. Post different king of the post. These will help you to target a wider range of audiences.

  • Mix your post with a long post and short post.
  • Post on a daily basis.
  • Post things that your audiences like to read.
  • Improve the quality of the content.
  • Engage with your audience.

This can help you make your lukewarm audiences to a loyal one. Before posting related to any topic, do thorough research. Know what your audiences are looking for and post content that is relevant to your audience.

Stop giving free content

There are many people out there who look for free content everywhere. Make your content valuable and unique that it can only be found on your website. This can make your audience to pay for the subscription.
Make some of your high quality of a post for free. Those posts can market your content’s quality, and then convince them to buy a subscription if they are interested in your quality content.
I know there may be many people who are not willing to sacrifice their organic traffic by keeping their content behind the paywalls. But hey, if you really want to improve your revenue, you need to take some hard decisions. You cannot gain without risking something.

Considered the three-tier method

If you do not want to hide all your content behind the paywall. You can go to the three-tier method. You can divide all your content into three categories.
The first tier may content short and good quality content. This content will help you market the content’s quality.
The second tier may contain a mix of both long and short content that will be for email marketing programs.
And the last, third tier, this is where you are going to lock down your best content. If anybody wants to access these contents then they have to buy the subscription for it.
This method is quite a reasonable for the people who are not willing to risk their organic traffic for the paid subscription.
This tactic can guarantee your organic traffic. However, the rate in which you will get the paid subscription will be very low.

Work on your platform

Improving your website is also a strategy that can help you in gaining more revenues. Keep a close eye on the performance of the tour website. There are a few things you have to make sure that your website is working properly.

  • Slow loading speeds
  • Broken links
  • Lack of responsiveness.
  • Responsive theme
  • Good internal linking
  • Good quality content

Even if you have made a solid groundwork for a subscription plan, if you do not have an excellent platform, those strategies are not going to work.
There are many content management systems that do not allow the contents to paywall. Similarly, there are many paywalls that do not function accordingly when synchronized by a content management system. Cloud-based CMS platforms like WordPress are one of the best platforms. They keep them updated with the new technologies.


Revenue can be improved if you can keep your reader loyal to your content. If you really want to improve your revenue this year, then start with updating your old content. Do a site audit that will help you highlights the problems on your current website.
Keeping a healthy website is also a strategy. Nobody wants to visit a site that is outdated and have low-quality content.
In this article, I have highlighted some tactics that can help you in increasing the website revenue in 2020.

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