How to Increase the Comfort in Your Home Office

How to Increase the Comfort in Your Home Office

When working from home, it’s important to make some adjustments to feel relaxed. This way you can focus on the tasks in front of you without unnecessary distraction or discomfort.

Let’s look at some ways to increase your comfort in the home office.

Get More Natural Light

Where possible, see if you can open up the blinds to let in more natural light.

Be careful not to cause sunlight to hit the computer monitor and cause unnecessary reflections. You may need to adjust the blinds to control the level of light that naturally streams in. Failing that, ensure you have enough internal light sources to not strain your eyes unnecessarily. Brighter is usually better.

Look for eco-friendly light bulbs to reduce your energy costs. Control the illumination level directly from your smartphone without having to get up out of your seat.

Get the Monitor at the Right Eye Level

When a monitor is placed too low compared to your natural line of sight, then you’ll tend to tilt your neck forward to look downwards. This is because continually looking either up or down isn’t very comfortable after a few seconds, so we naturally adjust our neck position instead.

Positioning a monitor stand to change its level so it matches our line of sight is very helpful for an ergonomically configured workspace. A dependable monitor stand needs to be strong enough to take the weight, long-lasting using strong, thick metal and be fully adjustable. Additional points are available when the monitor can be switched between landscape and portrait orientation or tilted, or its position moved without difficulty.

Get Some Greenery

A home office can feel like a lonely place. It’s a good idea to add some plant life using planters either on the window sill or around your epic office furniture to give the office some life. Any stale air also managed by adding plants as they naturally improve the air quality too.

You can pick plants that are small and don’t require much tending to. If you regularly forget to water plant life, then the best thing is to add a repeating reminder in your Calendar app. Small plants like succulents are attractive, colorful, and low maintenance when you’re in a compact space.

Get Some Exercise

Stretching your legs is very important when working from home.

Not only is it vital to take regular breaks from the PC and the keyboard, but it improves your health too. Taking in some fresh air and giving your heart and lungs a gentle workout reoxygenates your body. If you were feeling lethargic before, that feeling will be replaced with an Endorphin rush.

Walking is also useful because it clears your mind. You’ll often find that you can think more about the big picture when taking a stroll. It gets your mental space away from immediate concerns and gives you a greater perspective on life.

Working from home has its positives and negatives. Making sure it’s a healthy environment which is set up right but also one that you take a step away from regularly is optimal. You’re likely to be far more effective towards your goals this way.

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