How has Social Media changed Marketing?

How has Social Media changed Marketing?

Social media has become one of the greatest assets as a platform to advertise products and services on a global scale.

Not only does it have the ability build a brand and even destroy a brand if the internet deems so within days or mere hours. It all depends on the quality and the type of content one is promoting on their social platforms. There are many other things one can do to bring remarkable positive changes to their franchise. All it take is a step in the right direction, to the right audience which requires constant attention to details and dedication. It doesn’t matter how big your company is – regardless if you are new to the market or have a well-established brand, a social presence is needed on social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Social media has the potential to collect versatile data from a large and diverse audience group allowing you to understand what motivate and drives your fan base. This is the reason why it is such a hit in the age of post-modernism. When I say post-modernism, the image of a group of teenagers occupying a room, sitting together who are constantly tapping away at their phones. Yet, I also refer to the same social platform that are used by the said teenagers, which are also shared by multi-billionaire companies and organizations. The point being, it is accessible for all, and that too, for no additional cost.

One can only realizes how big and vast the social media market place is once they look at the timeline and the activity on said timelines which has been ongoing between people have for years into consideration. One can travel the world yet still not reach out to as many people as they can do so through social media, with more clicks and interactions taking place all with a greater impact when compared to traveling the globe and making connections. It is very recently that this virtual medium has started to be explored wreaking havoc when it comes e-commerce.


You want to make sure that a good internet connection is available since remaining connected is important and a few minutes in reality can transform into hours of damage control take the reach and speed of information sharing into consideration when it comes to social media. You want to make sure you have a solid and stable internet connection in place along with a back up to maintain connectivity. Make sure take advantage of your local cable based internet services since they offer the best value for your money. Make sure to keep an eye out for Spectrum internet deals due to the fact that Spectrum is the only service provider to offer a download speed of up to 940 Mbps.


Analytics are important when it comes to gauging whether or not social media is working when it comes to generating revenue. If using the social media from a business point of perspective knowing which demographic work and yield the best results is a must. For example, you can have different landing pages and telephone number for different marketing strategies and campaigns running at the same time and then analyze what does and doesn't work for you. If you’re using social media to gain fame and a following; analytics will play a very important part since you are able to view how many people have engage with content such as videos. Analysis the duration viewed out of the entirety of your video to gauge if your audience found your content engaging and interesting to occupy there attention. Analytics are just as important as engaging and trending content is.


There are two different methodologies to generating revenue from social media, the first is to develop an audience or a following and ensuring that they are engaged while keeping the buzz going on your social media feeds. You can either gain the following by having your content sponsored or paying for your content to be pushed as sponsored content, however, engagement is required in order to continue the growth of your campaigns.

The second method is to have content that is so engaging and powerful that people share it themselves as though they are being compelled. Regardless of the approach, the right audience is required in order to ensure a positive outcome. If you personally have a large following then you can focus on influential social marketing and even possibly gaining sponsors who want you to mention there organization where you would be can pushing and advertising their product to your followers. However, you want to be careful and only focus on limited sponsorships otherwise all anyone will see is advertisement and commerciality which in turn will have a counterproductive effect.

One must ensure that any negative comments are dealt with immediately. A moderator is highly recommended alongside the monitoring of activity via your audience. When in the public's eye, you have to be careful and try to avoid what is known as the snowball effect.


When we talk about any business ever then marketing efforts transition into sales and eventual in revenue. Prior to the explosion of Social Media, you had very few limited channels in terms of marketing however that is not the case when it comes to Social Media which is extremely cost effective allowing you target the unique demographics according to your desired reach and budget. You can sponsor or pay for your content to be marketed towards a larger audience but if your content is engaging and creative then it will do this its own without the need for sponsored marketing. Organically rich interesting and engaging content will be liked and gain momentum on its own, but it never hurts to put a little bit of money into something that is doing well without it.

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