How to Increase Customer Loyalty to Your Brand

How to Increase Customer Loyalty to Your Brand

Many businesses believe that customer loyalty is the same as customer satisfaction, but there is a significant difference between the two. Just because a customer is satisfied with the service or product you have delivered does not mean that they are loyal to your brand.

The next time they need the same type of product or service, they could be easily persuaded to try another brand for a better price or stronger marketing claims. A loyal customer base does not develop overnight and it requires consistent commitment from you to make it happen. This guide explores what you need to keep in mind when trying to increase customer loyalty to your brand.

Give a variety of rewards

Customer rewards can be very effective when trying to encourage loyalty, and they can come in many forms. The most well-known is giving a customer a discount or special offer after a certain number of purchases or reaching a certain level of points. However, there are also other options to consider such as offering access to an event or even a free gift. If you offer a gift that is branded with your company name and logo, you can also keep your brand at the front of their minds. Ideally, the gift should be unique and memorable such as a custom magic 8 ball in your company colors.

Show customers that you are loyal to them

If you only show interest in customers when you are trying to secure a sale or during a peak time of year, why would they be loyal to you? You should be putting effort into retaining your customers all year round. That means following up after the sale has been completed, asking for feedback on your service and proactively offering them advice and information related to your industry and their buying history.

Connect with them personally

It’s important to maintain a professional approach to customer relationships, but that does not mean that businesses cannot show their human side. Social media provides great insight into our customers’ lives, which can help to inform your marketing and product development. If you understand your customers, you will be better able to meet their needs and engage with them in a more meaningful way.

Keep your promises

If you make a promise to your customer and fail to honor it, you telling them very clearly that you do not value them. Therefore, every promise you do keep goes a little way towards cementing their faith in your brand. Even if you do make a mistake, owning up to it and taking steps to right the wrong as soon as possible will help them to remember our honesty rather than the mistake.

Go the extra mile

Your rewards should not always be reactive or discounts. Instead, why not exceed customer expectations by delivering products sooner than the estimated delivery date or emailing them when their favorite products are on offer? This shows customers that you are striving to do your best for them, not just to meet minimum standards.

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