How to Improve Your Marketing Project Management Skills

How to Improve Your Marketing Project Management Skills

Can Digital Marketing as a creative industry benefit from the structured and systematic project management processes that are at the core of the advanced software development tools?

Digital Marketing teams can benefit from utilizing advanced project management software tools properly.

But,  it is going to be a challenge!

However, every digital marketing organization needs project management help - and to achieve that, look up for some of the best practices and challenges that will improve your project manager skills and help you to set up your project strategy successfully.

6 essential stages of Marketing Project Management journey

Every project has six steps toward a successful outcome. That means to deliver quality results in time and create satisfied clients.

  • Initiating
  • Planing
  • Scheduling
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Closing

Project management and marketing

Digital Marketing specialists are in continuous demand for the right project management tool that gives them the most suitable workspace with advanced features and communication tools.

The right project management skills help marketers to reach their target audiences that drive to boosted profits and a business that brings constant revenue.

To properly manage workloads - project managers often work closely to execute strategies, design, and initiatives.

Utilize the right Project Management software

There is a vast sea of project management tools. And if you try to find the right one -  it is going to be an overwhelming and very stressful journey.

So, how to ease that process and choose the right one?

Not all project management tools are designed for a marketing team's needs. What you should look for are tools that focus on team collaboration and productivity features. One of the best collaboration tools is the Monday project management software - a powerful workspace where you can easily create a productive workflow within minutes, and run all of your processes, projects, and everyday workload.

Its core functionalities include the three most important aspects of marketing project management:

  • Collaboration
  • Work organization
  • Enhanced productivity

Workflow agility is the ultimate goal of every marketing team. It is easy to implement a flexible workflow, ensuring a fast team onboarding and the ability to customize the workflow to maximize your team efficiency.

With innovative productivity features such as advanced time tracking, automated notifications, task dependencies, timeline and calendar views, and integrations with third-party apps - your Marketing team will deliver better quality and high performance for every project.

What every Marketing Project Manager needs to know

When operating a marketing team, you need to supervise a variety of marketing techniques, marketing strategy, and allocate workloads to your team members having in mind the creation of a productive workflow.

In other words, you need excellent organizational skills to handle all project assets including a team. To become a competent marketing project manager, here are some suggestions you can follow to increase the productivity of your marketing team.

  • Define your project requirements
  • Improve your lines of communication
  • Link marketing project to marketing strategy
  • Define your marketing goals to focus projects on growth
  • Access your resources before launching the project
  • Divide your projects into tasks to complete
  • Use collaboration tools

The marketing project manager creates a project foundation from initiation to completion.

Also, it includes a collaboration with a:

  • Clients
  • Team members
  • Freelancers and outsourced teams
  • Vendors and suppliers

Develop your success strategy

To create a solid foundation, you need to understand the business intentions of your organization.

What is your marketing strategy focused on, and what is your ultimate vision.

Once you get in line your marketing objectives - the current state of affairs need to be examined. It is essentially an assessment of the organization's project management capabilities. Create a focus on the strategy pain points - assets that provide the most significant improvement to achieving the business objectives - a successful marketing strategy.

Project Overview and Transparency

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing industry, and to deliver a quality output that fits the market needs. You have to invest resources into a collaboration and advance feedback system. To ensure that back and forth information flow between copywriters, designers, developers, and other team members creates a transparent workflow and productive environment. Without a clear project overview, a team with this diversity can quickly become disorganized and overwhelmed with overloaded information and easily lose track of project flow.

Confusion leads to missed deadlines and low-quality output.

The tool you use needs to improve your team to share and receive critical updates. Ensuring complete transparency and the status of the overall project progress in real-time.

Enhance Risk Management

Risk management is a pain point in the marketing project management community. Therefore, especially in the marketing industry, you need to practice risk management strategies to prepare leading risk management before it occurs at any level of project development.

To effectively control project risks in a marketing environment - it must be recognized early in the project lifecycle - the focus needs to be in the concept stage of the project.

Risk identification will facilitate the company to make more effective decisions regarding the resource investment in project development.

Quick Overview

Digital marketing project management is the initiation, planning, performing, and execution of specific tasks and goals toward a successful project. Organizing a transparent workflow ensures that marketing projects are completed on time, without delay, and with as few errors as possible.

Utilizing collaborative project management software with a wide range of innovative organizational and productivity features, you create a healthy work environment on a single platform.

Make sure that project management tools and methods and in line with the goals and specifications of your marketing project.

And keep in mind that not all of your team members respond the same to project workflow methods.

Be flexible - marketing project management is a dynamic process.


Marketing project management increases productivity by implementing clear guidelines to team members that help them complete project tasks accurately and efficiently.

The beauty of the whole process is combining different parts and methods into a successful marketing project management strategy.  Now that you understand how marketing project management can improve your marketing campaigns. Don't hesitate to experiment with a wide range of powerful features and put your plans into action!

What is your experience with marketing project management tools?

Please, leave a comment! 

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