How To Grow Your Designing Business

How To Grow Your Designing Business

The steady flow of clients on a regular basis is likely a primary concern whether you start your designing company or work as a freelancer. Promoting your own business isn't a difficult task if done properly.

One can also start commenting on famous blogs on designing or extend a biography, or add links to the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. There are a plethora of opportunities to grow your design business successfully.

Here are some points which can help you to grow your Design Business faster.

1. Find a unique approach to the market after researching

Market research is very critical before starting your creative business. It fluctuates in every few days, so your market research can keep you updated. If a designer ignores market research while starting a business, it may lead to serious business failure. The more you succeed, the more organizations will notice and react to your creativity.

One can check the insights available on Internet stating the market conditions and latest trends of designing. First try to build up an in-depth picture of what your customers require, how they behave and which of your marketing approaches work best.

After summarizing your market research result observe which approach will be the best for your designing business. There are plenty of ways to build creative websites on CMS platforms like Store4Joomla and WordPress. You could stand out focusing on who you are targeting? How are you approaching? Etc. These are all really helpful, especially if you are a startup designing business. For businesses that are in the franchising space, like a sign business franchise, the good thing is that your franchisors do all the leg work for your marketing needs, so you don't have to worry about your marketing strategies.

2.  Create an updated online portfolio

Updating a print portfolio is extremely time-consuming, whereas online portfolio can take only a few minutes. Designing business requires updated online portfolio every time. This is very significant if you want to illustrate your work to the perspective clients. They may offer you new projects or may add you to their primary client lists. So, be sure that your latest work is available online. This will persuade them to offer you work.

3. Use Social Media Sites

Everyone around the globe is hanging around social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. They may be very helpful in spreading your designs. One may take advantage of these platforms to introduce business and its services. It takes few minutes to sign up, so give a hearty try to these social media platforms.

Online presence of your company will show that:

- You are relevant and tech savvy

- Your business is established enough for you to have created these accounts

- You are actively participating in business

4. Try out for Presentations, Seminar or free consultations

Giving a free presentation for a local group of business owners can be the best input for your growing designing business. The presentation should explain your purpose, display some of your best work, and concluded with a call to action. Many local businesses can approach after seeing your presentation and may give you work.

In addition to a presentation that will define your designing abilities, you can also offer free seminars or consultations. It can boost your goodwill in the market. And help you to get new clients.

5. Send an online newsletter

You should also try making your newsletter which can serve as a reminder to people and contributes to show your presence in the market. It is advisable to keep it regular and add you company's recent projects in your newsletter. Avoid making it the newsletters too lengthy.

6. Turn Adaptable

It is unavoidable to predict the market changes in advance. Therefore, a startup can become to be successful if it can switch directions quickly in response to variations in the market. An agile approach to development, both concerning your product and your company, will help you grow more rapidly.

7. Post blogs or articles

Writing blogs or articles is quite easy and a smart approach these days to promote business. Write an interesting topic related to designing and add keywords to it. You can put hyperlinks on the keywords which can redirect the customers to your website. 

8. Engage in conversation via commenting

There are an enormous number of blogging and article publishing sites. After every post, there are spaces to ask or comment on a particular topic which leads to discussions. Although, this tactic may be a long shot, but yet it is fruitful.

9. New ideas are always welcome

Sometimes you need to focus on building your business. Sit down and do some brainstorming. Think of some new ways you can build your design business. Write down everything that clicks your mind and then narrow down your ideas. Make goals and plans to carry out those tactics within the next few months.

10. Don't ignore sales pitch

Have you ever thought what you should say? How will you define you your company? And how to invite them to react to what you say. Start working seriously on it.

11. Carry business cards everywhere

It kills me the enthusiasm when anybody asks for the business card. Always remember, you never know when you are going to run after someone big. So never forget to take your cards with you! They will do no good sitting at home.

12. Sponsor a charity if you can

This is ideal for everyone. Charitable donations or sponsorships are tax deductible, which is an additional benefit.

13. Set your price

This is one of the most challenging aspects while starting your own design business. It is very crucial to decide what you’re going to charge. Always keep in mind the basics of pricing:

- Think how much profit you need to survive

- Think what the market will bear

- Think what your knowledge, experience, and quality can command

14. Maintain relation with the former clients

Once we have completed a project, we lose contact. It is very harmful to your business growth. Stay in touch with old co-workers and others.  Many times, clients may refer you to other people, if they find you suitable.

Wrapping Up

Apart from these, you can also start rehearsing on a fake call to your best friend, or in front of a mirror. Try to think the every best possibility of getting the answer and how will you start answering. You can also keep a cheat sheet of what you’re going to say and questions you may like to inquire. Keep this in mind as you’re auditioning for the role of designer, they’re also auditioning for the role of a client. Therefore, smile while answering the phone and you will surely win the race.

So these were few important points that may help you to grow your design business. Try out these tips and see whether these tips make a difference in your business.

Posted by Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker is a Website Designer in Designs2html Ltd. She has a passion to convert psd to responsive html files online. She likes to use various tools, design materials and certain principles in web designing.

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