How to Design a Website That Catches the Fancy of Kids

How to Design a Website That Catches the Fancy of Kids

Designing a website for kids calls for a lot of fun and imagination to be blended together to create a stimulating web world where kids can explore their own “corners” of joy and interests. Web designing for kids has been observed as an overlooked topic, despite the fact that kids too have become tech-savvy (some more than the adults).

It offers plenty of opportunities to web designers as so many schools, and businesses in the related fields, and even the parents are demanding technical services and giving reins in the hands of web design and development process to create something that catches the fancy of their kids in ways more than one. The type of work includes developing designs related to interface, video games and birthday parties.

It is important to understand some designing practices through which you can make an effective website for kids:

1. Designs that Stimulate the Kids

We as humans are generally stimulated by so many things around us and so is case with the kids. For a website which is purely dedicated for kids, should implement a number of creative elements such as bright, vivid colors, interesting templates that will capture and retain kids attention.

Kids have a tendency to react over the things which give them maximum sense of pleasure and arouse their curiosity to navigate through the site further. Colors play a huge role when it comes to shape the imagination of kids. As the scale of kids market have grown significantly, most of the websites aimed for kids use color combinations that could make the appearance of a website more interesting.

Not only colors, but it's also important to integrate interactive features on the website so that kids can learn through it in a fun manner. Remember, you are not here to make kids to do intense research; they need to be entertained in a way so that they can reap maximum benefits from it.

2. Create a Happy and Joyful Mood

Kids will tend to return to your website if they find it interesting and a happy one. It is important for a web designer to incorporate features and elements which possess maximum potential to create a positive, enthusiastic, and delightful aura of a website. If we take the example of Walt Disney, its web designers have been successful in bringing each character to life on its website with an amazing attention to details and unbridled injection of creativity. Their happy and joyful faces make kids feeling overjoyed and thus help in creating a pleasing atmosphere on a website.

3. Integrate the Elements of Nature

Children are more friendly with the things to which they can relate themselves the most. Since, kids have a limited experience of life, the only thing they usually look around and learn the experiences of childhood is nature. Natural elements such as trees, flowers, birds, and animals can be used while designing a website as they give children a way to explore the environment  which surrounds them. Designers can experiment with various themes such as under water, arctic, seasonal themes based on eye-catching graphics and a lot more.

4. Animated Characters

Large, speaking animated characters have proved to be an effective way to hold kids interest on a particular website. They provide a fascinating way through which kids' can get a wonderful browsing experience. As children are mostly attracted toward things which are simple and easy to recognize, using animated videos and speaking characters will enhace the effectiveness and uniqueness of your website.

5. In-depth Design

Children love to explore their imagination in a world that looks and sounds real to them. Web designers can create this kind of atmosphere by picking some in-depth designing elements. This might include some beautiful shapes, colors, shadows, landscapes, stunning effects, gradients or floating elements. Most of these elements are present in cartoon websites.

Such elements create a deep, realistic environment for the kids that makes them feel connected with the website.

Test your Ability

It is one of the most effective ways to build a promising website for kids. Designers can perform some test analysis before they decide on developing any particular theme for a website which is aimed for kids. They can watch and examine the children with the way they are navigating and interacting with their websites. They can go for some minimal amount of testing which helps them seeing the things through kids eyes and psychology. With this they can make neccessary modifications on their website.  Through this way you can make your website a big hit among  kids.

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