How to Create an Online Streaming Website

How to Create an Online Streaming Website

Streaming is the action of watching a video online without the need to download the video file onto your PC or other device. It is usually as simple as finding a video online, and pressing ‘play’ in order to watch it.

Effective streaming services will require little or no wait for users, as the file will be sent to the user in a stream of files which the user can then watch as it arrives through the internet. Setting up a streaming website is not very difficult if you have the right tools to hand. In order to host and build a video streaming website, you’ll need a website and domain name, video files, and enough hosting space. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to set up and host your own video streaming website.

Step One

Register for a website, or build your own website. If you’re unsure on how to do this, there are a number of free web hosting services that will provide you with all the support and resources needed in order to build and host a video streaming website. A free website may be the best option to get started, however as you’ll be hosting large video files, you will most likely find that a paid option is best in order to gain enough hosting space. If you want your website to look professional, you will also probably wish to purchase a domain name. When purchasing a domain name, you will also need to ensure that by doing so you are not infringing on the copyright of anybody else’s business or website.

Step Two

Once you have registered with a website hosting service, you will need to purchase storage space, or a premium package if there is one available. The larger the premium package that you buy, the more storage space that you will have for large files. In order to have enough space to serve your video streaming needs, you should choose your package carefully.

Step Three

Choose a name for your website, and create a design that is simple and user friendly. People will visit your website predominantly to watch videos, so it’s important to opt for a design that is simplistic and includes direct links to the videos available. Most web hosting services will offer pre-made website designs and templates that you will be able to use for free or included in the package that you have purchased.

Step Four

You will need to ensure that your video files are prepared in terms of formatting. Most people will be using a common video player in order to stream the videos from your site, so it’s important that the videos are able to be played on players that users already have installed. You can do this by right-clicking on each video file and selecting ‘Properties’ to determine the file type and the file player required in order to watch it. Ensure that each video file is formatted to be compatible with common players before they are loaded onto your website.

Step Five

Upload the videos to your site. If you are using a website template or website creator software, this should be easy to achieve by simply using the ‘Video’ function. Allow each video to completely upload before starting to upload the next one. If you are uploading videos that are available only in certain regions, be aware that users may choose to use smart DNS proxy services in order to stream files. You should create a separate webpage for each video, and ensure that each page you create includes a back-link to the homepage of your website.

Step Six

When uploading videos to stream, it’s important not to infringe on any copyright. If you are uploading video files that are popular movies or television shows, you may find that it is best to include a disclaimer on your website stating that you do not own or claim copyright to the videos shown in order to cover yourself. Before setting up your website and publishing it, you may also find it useful to research copyright law regarding uploading video files onto the internet for the purpose of streaming.

Have you successfully set up your own website for streaming videos such as movies or television shows? How did you do it, and what would you do differently if you did it again? How do you maintain your website, and has it had a positive impact on your life? Whether you’d simply like to tell your story or if you have any advice for others, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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