How the world of AI and voice assistance can elevate brand identity

How the world of AI and voice assistance can elevate brand identity

How the world of AI and voice assistance can elevate brand identity

AI has gone from something far-out to something mainstream.

And some of the first practical applications we’ve seen for the technology is in marketing. Far from the dystopic connotations we generally associate with artificial intelligence, it seems that the technology is actually pretty nifty. Here’s how creative branding agencies can use the world of AI and voice assistance to elevate brand identity design.

Voice Assistance

We’re already living in an era where it’s not an anomaly to have a conversation with a brand (chatbots anyone?), where it’s a computer answering you. Like it or not, interactive technology is prevalent in our daily lives. It’s only a matter of time before most of our interactions for mundane tasks will be powered by AI capability.

Instead of jumping onto the ‘for’ or ‘against’ ship, I see this as an opportunity for marketers to make AI work for them. Remember, everything about your brand communicates. Even the technology you choose to have interacts with your customers.

Soon brand personality and tone of voice will become more important than ever with AI personas embodying everything the brand stands for. With machines operating far more predictably and consistently than employees, brands will have unprecedented control over how they’re represented to consumers.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is already used widely in marketing applications, in order to optimise outputs, target effectively and so forth. There are clear flaws to this technology as it stands. However, it’s getting better every day.

And there are less and less possibilities for fraudsters to dupe AI in order to gain a marketing advantage. This is only going to get more pronounced in the future.

Companies have the opportunity to perpetually and effectively finesse their communications and brand identity according to the findings of AI technology. What will resonate most with consumers? What do they respond to? What works? What doesn’t? As a result, we will see sleeker, more adaptive brands that produce marketing and content that’s more in line with what consumers actually value.

This is just the beginning for AI and voice assistance, both in marketing and in the modern world as a whole. It’ll be exciting to see how far the technology goes, and how much brands can continue to benefit from them.

Posted by Russell Britton

Russell Britton
Russell Britton is the digital director at uberbrand, a brand strategy agency in Sydney. He is an award-winning creative leader with over 15 years of experience in managing the planning and creative execution of through the line brand experiences. His passion drives him to connect with brands to give an experience that will change perceptions and create action.

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