How moms are making money on Instagram?

How moms are making money on Instagram?

Being an influencer on Instagram might not be a career choice, but surely it can turn fortunes as many are earning thousands of dollars from sponsored deals.

It has become a craze to be an influencer on the social media platform, which does not need any special qualification beyond the ability to sell oneself and project a convincing personality that is highly trustworthy to the followers. Most of us want to be the next influencer that could land big sponsored deals that pay for us to eat the best-looking food or travel the world, but it is hard to know when you have reached the tipping point and start making money. 

The influencer trend and the scope of high earning are now driving mothers to Instagram, who is fast learning all the tricks to turn their accounts into a lucrative business. They are aware of the importance of acquiring followers, which is the primary metric used by brands to determine the extent of influence exerted across the platform.  The number of followers is there for everyone to see, but there is no cut-off number that can assure earning as it varies according to the influencer niche.

A different world

The world of Instagram parenting is an alternate universe where new moms wear a full face of makeup even when they are breastfeeding, or soaking the baby in the tub or even changing diapers. It is a world of make-believe because it is all fake, which it must be for being part of the highly curated influencer culture that is driving its roots deep inside our lives.  Mothers are now building their brand personality on Instagram, and the kids are now part of their mommy's brand.

Mothers can earn from Instagram in two different ways. For example, Mommy influencers post pictures of their kids displaying the brand names of clothes, toys, and other products and get paid for. There are other group of aspiring mommy influencers who hope to make it big someday.   But there is another group of regular moms who take to Instagram just for the thrills of earning those sweet likes they generate, which could eventually inspire them to earn from it.

How much can you earn from Instagram

People indeed earn thousands of dollars by becoming Instagram influencers. The extent of monetizing the opportunity depends on so many variable factors that it is hard to say anything about the kind of money that you can earn. From follower count to the quality of posts and from engagement rates to the way of monetization - there are too many things that impact your earning capability. Influencers use sponsored posts as one of the most popular means of earning, which can begin from a modest level of $25 - $30 per post and go up many more times as high as a few hundred dollars per post as the number of followers keeps swelling. This again highlights the importance of acquiring followers on Instagram, which is the key to success.

How many followers do you need?

There is no set number of followers that you must aim for because no one knows the flexing point when you start earning. However, if you look from the perspective of brands that put in their money, they are not much convinced by the number of followers but rather the level of engagement generated. They want to see how well the audience is engaged with the brand because it indicates the extent of product awareness that has the potential to bring in revenue. But the number of followers does indicate the degree of reach that influencers have across the media, which drives people to buy active Instagram followers.


Be passionate and knowledgeable

Mothers who aspire to monetize their Instagram accounts should not only post high-quality professional photographs that candidly portray some tender moments while craftily promoting the brand through subtle display but should also be passionate and knowledgeable about the brand. Since more than 70% of buyers rely on social media to make their purchase decisions, they considerably rely on the opinion of the influencers. To become an influencer on whom the audience can rely upon, you must be thorough about the products and brands in your niche so that your word becomes gospel for your followers. This is possible only when you really love the products and believe in its virtues.

Expand the channels of earning

Although partnering with brands in sponsored posts is the most popular means of earning as an influencer, there are some other ways of earning too from Instagram.  You can become an affiliate of a brand and promote it while making a commission from the sales that you can generate.

Choose from the products that you already use and start recommending it by inserting your affiliate code or tracking link. 

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