Comparison Guide: Best Amazon Repricing Tool for 2020

Comparison Guide: Best Amazon Repricing Tool for 2020

Selling on Amazon requires a reliable repricing tool to help sellers excel in their game. We have curated the best repricing tools for 2020. Read our comparison guide.

Do you have a hard time keeping up with the competition with your online businesses?

Online sellers on Amazon need to be quick-witted to keep up their pace. They need to be competitive, have an approachable customer service, and offer new sales and vouchers. But, how will you competitively set the price on Amazon? There are two solutions: manually reprice or use an Amazon repricing tool.

Amazon repricing tools help online sellers automatically adjust the price yet remains to be at a competitive range. When you invest in repricing tools for your Amazon business, it will significantly help in optimizing product-listing in real-time. Thus, business strategies can be efficiently planned out.

It may be overwhelming for online sellers to choose the right repricing tool as there are several tools available on the market today. Each of them offers different prices and features. Thus, we have curated some of the best Amazon repricing tools for 2020.

1. Seller Snap

Seller Snap App Log

Source: Seller Snap App

Seller Snap is best known for its Game Theory Amazon Repricing Tool, that helps outsmarts other business competition with their optimal strategy. Aside from it automatically adjust the pricing to maximize the profit and revenue, it moves its decision intelligently without creating a price war among competitors.

You can find out the optimum strategy of the most advanced Amazon Repricer and Business Intelligence Solution by starting the 15-day free trial they offer.

Trial Period: 15-day FREE Trial

Features of Seller Snap

  • Game Theory Repricer
  • Follows related ASIN
  • Follows competitors and analyzes their pricing trend
  • Competes with Amazon for Buy Box
  • Suppresses Buy Box to the minimum price
  • Scheduled automated repricing strategy

Actionable Insights from Seller Snap

Source: Seller Snap

Plan Rate

There are four plans available for Seller Snap– Accelerator Program, Standard, Premium, and Unlimited, and each plan offers different features.

  • Accelerator Program starts at $250 per month. It is a new subscription program for Seller Snap. It provides access to advanced AI-powered repicer and seller analytics tools.
  • Standard Plan is at $500 per month, it is viable for 1 store, 3 users, and accommodates up to 15,000 product listing. Seller Snap helps maximize the business profit without losing the price competition. The plan offers repricing, analytics, and support tools.
  • Premium Plan starts at $800 per month. It provides advanced analytics and customizable reports that help boost business and make logical decisions based on the data algorithms. The premium plan allows 3 stores, 10 users, and up to 30,000 product listings. It offers standard features, automated workflow, and advanced analytics.
  • Unlimited Plan – Seller Snap did not indicate the starting rate for the unlimited subscription. Instead, they ask those who are interested to contact their team and request for a demo. The unlimited plan offers all the premium features, dedicated environment, and custom integrations to multiple stories, unlimited users, and more than 30,000 product listings.


  • Advanced Repricing Tools – Seller Snaps provide a comprehensive repricing toolbox for its subscribers. They equipped their repricing tool with advanced and customizable features. It follows the desired repricing behavior in certain situations and automatically adjusts the price following the competitor’s price adjustments. 
  • AI Amazon Repricer – The AI Amazon Repricer solution is unique than any other algorithmic repricer. It has a self-learning intelligent repricing strategy making it decide like a human seller. This solution uses the Game Theory approach, it applies the best strategy determined according to the competitor’s behavior.
  • Seller Analytics – One of the solutions Seller Snap offers is the real-time data analytics that helps businesses make informed and logical decisions. It can identify the worst and best-performing products on your list. More so, it determines the product listing that competes on the Buy Box price and tracks the inventory levels.

2. Bqool

Software Logo

Source: Bqool

Bqool is one of the best Amazon repricing tools that can be utilized for 2020. It helps automate your Amazon business with its top-notch features and solutions at an affordable price.

The software focuses on boosting customer engagement through help desk solutions, insightful automated repricing, and concrete database for product research.

Trial Period: 14-day FREE trial

BigCRM Dashboard

Features of Bqool

  • Directly compete against the Buy Box price
  • Visualize and analyze data performance
  • Supports help desk with email automation for Amazon
  • Product Research Tool for Amazon

Plan Rate

There are three pricing rates for the solutions offered by Bqool. The BigTracker Pricing Plan and Repricing Central start at $25 per month. Meanwhile, the BigCRM begins at $10 per month. Bqool offers a 10-percent discount for the annual subscription to any of the solutions.

Fortunately, Bqool allows their clients to avail of a 14-day FREE trial. It will help clients experience their features, figure out how challenging repricing is, and appreciate how the software can help them.


  • Subscribing to this solution will cost you $10 to $100 per month,  depending on the help desk solution you need. It provides simple customer services and automated feedback emails. You get more customer insight with the intelligent Amazon Feedback Software of Bqool.
  • Repricing Central – Bqool provides an accelerated repricing price and profit calculator. It gives an insight into the product listing and devises customizable strategies for repricing. Your Amazon business will have a feature-rich solution.
  • Amazon sellers find this solution a big help in scouting products and tracking competitors through a rich database. You will outrace the competition with their product research.

3. (formerly Appeagle)

Software Logo


Most Amazon sellers have known as Appeagle. Since then, their software package has been hailed with its multi-channel scope, advanced algorithm, and unwavering repricing tool. does not only help the sellers to win Buy Box, but the software also ensures that they remain inside the competition.

Amazon sellers will outrank their competitors through the advanced algorithm and strategies of With their simplified dashboard and automation process, sellers can easily track their business growth.

Sellers can set their desired profit margin to calculate and monitor their maximum income. They can compete for the lowest price and reprice based on their competitors. More so, real-time inventory is available in

Calculations for Repricing


Trial Period: 14-day FREE trial

Features of

  • Algorithmic Repricing Strategies
  • API and Integrations
  • Listing and Competition Reporting
  • Performance Analytics
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • In-App Support
  • Supports Amazon, eBay, and Walmart
  • Suppressed Buy Box Setting

Plan Rate

You can have all the features of through their plan rates, and it starts at $99 a month. Their plan pricing depends on your monthly revenue. More so, you may ask for a custom pricing. Contact their team through their website to get all the features for your business.


 Software Logo

Source: Feedvisor

Feedvisor claims to be an award-winning repricing tool for Amazon. The software helps increase their discoverability insight and revenue of Amazon businesses. Its artificial intelligence (AI) optimizes real-time product listing and data collection to improve investment strategy. With its advanced algorithms, your profit and revenue are to increase.

Trial Period: Not Applicable

Features of Feedvisor

  • Real-time competitive landscape analysis
  • Obtain an outline of transaction data and operational insights
  • Maximize marketplace performance
  • Aggregate real-time data points and market conditions
  • Categorize product listings for strategy optimization

Analytics Dashboard of Feedvisor

Source: Feedvisor

Plan Rate

  • No information

Feedvisor did not disclose their price plan. You need to request a demo to find out how they can help grow the curve of your business on Amazon. However, they have indicated their solutions and service inclusions.


  • Brands – It helps build and grow brands on Amazon. The platform solution boosts sales and insights through brand awareness.
  • Large Sellers – Large sellers navigate on the continually changing statistics on Amazon. The solution increases the demand and grows the revenue of their Amazon business.
  • Retailers – Business on Amazon is inevitable to the competition. Thus, Feedvisor provides a solution that will help in effective strategies customized to their operation.
  • Private Labels – Feedvisor assists private labels in finding an effective and efficient strategy. It drives more discoverability insights to outpace the competition.

Provide awareness through a brand, price, and advertising optimization and intelligence.

Final Thought

We all know how important the software curates a search-optimized product listing and well-organized workflow. Amazon sellers need repricing software to have ease in managing their online business. But, repricing tools are an investment; they cost much. Most of the Amazon repricing tools we have mentioned offers a free trial for a few days. You can try their repricing tool before you make a decision to avoid paying expensive plan prices. Thus, you have the time to try it for free and explore its features.

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