How Crunchbase Can Help Your Business Grow

How Crunchbase Can Help Your Business Grow

Building your brand and growing your business can be a very challenging pursuit. And sometimes it can seem like you aren’t making any progress in attracting new customers. 

Fortunately, there are some good methods of growing your business. Here we’ll cover one of these methods, which is growing a presence on the Crunchbase platform.

What exactly is Crunchbase?

Crunchbase is an online database and platform for businesses. It was founded in 2007 by Michael Arrington, and has since grown into one of the largest platforms online for business research, with 70 million users.

On the platform, users can conduct market research, find jobs, advertise their business, make new connections, and much more. Similar to LinkedIn, it is built entirely for the professional world. However, the focus is on the companies themselves rather than individuals (though you can still create profiles for people, such as this profile).

The main aspect of Crunchbase we’ll be covering, however, are business profiles. 

Getting Started

To get started on Crunchbase, you’ll want to create an account (or log into your existing account if you have one already). Once you’ve done so, go to and then hit the “Social Authentication” button.

This will prompt you to connect one of your existing social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to Crunchbase. This won’t be public information, and doesn’t have anything to do with any profiles you may create.

After you have completed the social authentication, you can begin the process of adding your business to Crunchbase.

Creating a Company Profile

To create a company profile page on Crunchbase, you’ll want to head to the new profile section on Crunchbase, which can be found right here. Simply click on the Company button, assuming that is what you want to promote.

Following that, you will be prompted to fill out several fields in order for your profile to be created. These include your company name, short description, alternative names, legal name, year founded, number of employees, type of company, website URL, social media, contact information, and a full description.

Following this, you can add some tabs such as a headquarters tab, or add industry tags to your profile so it can be found more easily. Additionally, you can add tabs for special events or other business news (such as IPOs, stock prices, who founded the company, and more). 

Once you have filled in all the information for your business, you can save it and create your company profile page. Don’t worry, you can come back and edit your profile whenever.

Making your page professional

We recommend completing as many of these sections as you can, as the more information you provide Crunchbase, the more complete your business profile will look. If users stumble upon a page that looks half-finished, they will never take the business seriously. 

If you are going to include a tab for employees, it's best to have professional portraits included so that people can put faces to your business. Additionally, it is crucial you upload a correctly sized and cropped logo for your company profile picture.

Now you’re equipped to craft a complete and professional looking company profile that helps grow your business. Good luck!


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