How Artificial Intelligence is Influencing Digital Marketing?

How Artificial Intelligence is Influencing Digital Marketing?

We are moving towards the era in which innovations are becoming an essential part of our lives.

It reduces the workforce and increases efficiencies. Such technologies are part of artificial intelligence (AI). You can notice their existence in your daily routine. Smartphones, metal detector, thumb impression, scanning machines, app-oriented appliances, and chatbots are common examples. Future trends are like Google self-driving cars and Amazon Go shopping facilities.

What is AI?

AI is also known as machine intelligence. It is the outcome of computer sciences. An initial aim behind the thoughts of AI is to manufacture such a structure that benefits an independent performance just like human intelligence.

How AI influencing Digital Marketing?

We are noticing that artificial intelligence has occupied a large portion of our lives. Hence, it has influenced digital marketing strategies also. A significant difference between human and artificial intelligence is that man learns through senses however a machine learns with the help of data.

We are sharing a few examples just to let you know on which track we are proceeding.

1) Chatbots

I guess all the visitors reached here already knew about the importance of live chat for any online services. Moreover, you are surely chatting through several messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, and a lot more daily. Due to excessive demand for such a platform, science assigned artificial intelligence with texting boards.

It was amazing when invented. The user was not accepting its perfection. Distinct people can ask a single question in different ways. Then how a bot could answer them in the client’s matching tone? Actually, this is the real intelligence innovation. The business owner feeds the questions and respective answers in the database. With time, it is capable of responding to each query. Furthermore, it will facilitate any customer from initial stage until order placement.

Examples: Aivo, Chat Fuel, Mobile Monkey

2) Digital Advertising

Have you ever noticed that you are viewing the ads matching the business you were last visited? Facebook & Google Ads have integrated such AI functionality. For instance, a guy opened a buying & selling page of the car. Afterward, when he logged in to FB account, the commercial section shows other published ads related to the vehicle. Because AI is recording human behavior and data to utilize its feature more attractively.

Now you will observe the same behavior over various digital forums. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Ads, and Yahoo are a prominent activist for presenting product promotion according to user data, demographic facts, and interesting websites visits.

3) Content Writing

Whether you have started marketing or you wish to initialize it, you need a lot of content to publish on numerous platforms. The publication might be an informative article blog posting or creating a social profile. You require the written material almost every day regardless of small or large quantity. The primary objective is to perform content marketing. But how many words one would script along with conducting research and investigation? According to an academic content developer Mrs. Joe Wilson from Crowd Writer:

"The fastest writer I ever met in my life was incredible. He averagely was producing 1400 to 1800 words daily. And he said that it is hard for a professional writer to compose more than 2000 words a day."


AI approach can easily generate more than 10000 words within an hour. The system takes input from the user by asking the topic. Then it analyzes every word and its context. Once examine the title, the function searches the stuff for getting the useful information. After completing this process, the intelligent machine then processes various editing within its own limitations and finally show the best piece in front of your screen.

Examples: Quill, Canva, Word AI

4) Email Marketing

Sending email is also controlled by AI. But How? Only professional experts are aware of the method to integrate AI usage with emails. The respective medium asks the category and the body text you want to email. The rest of the efficiency will be shown by the tool.

AI systems based email software collects data and record them in their database. It is not only responsible for securing the name and email address of different customers, but also the best time and the day for sending an email. According to its analysis, the ratio of opening emails, reading and conversing may increase. Thus, the app can benefit the sender.

Examples: Automizy, Boomtrain, Persado

5) Enables Effective Searching

Investigation and research is human psychology. Due to the global sharing of knowledge and easy virtual access to any region of the world, people seek concerned information over the internet. Either it is related to any disease, self-development, managerial issue, home remedy, a particular product, technology, lecture on the specific topic, understanding a concept, tips & tricks, etc. There are a lot of categories I cannot figure out each of them.

Artificial Intelligence enables various options like voice searching, and searching based on Geolocation. Most of the matching results depend on what you wrote in the search field. Many websites proposed the data on similar topics, but the search engine ranks the best matching article link on the top and others below to it. At the back, an algorithm works intelligently. The bot reads the data and decides the suitable keywords for the content. Thus, you find the most suitable link on the top of the search result.

Examples: Search Engines, Mobile Voice Searching Apps, Amazon Apps

6) Better Promotional Approach

AI has developed various activities for the ease of the common man. If a man wants to establish a website, he can easily create it without knowing any HTML, CSS, AJAX or JAVASCRIPT. The ready forums provide so many options for the user to modify your design and add custom text. All the modification options have been set based on user behavior.

Similarly, several plugins ask different information and display at its right position. Moreover, if the data is unfriendly, the system shows you the error and won’t proceed. In fact, some plugins suggest the most appropriate alternatives.

Examples: Wordpress, Wix, Yoast SEO

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