6 Most Effective SEO Trick for Small Business Exposure

6 Most Effective SEO Trick for Small Business Exposure

While small business owners are continually looking for ways to stretch capital investments and budget, marketers also bend over backward for marketing success to avoid expending limited resources.

And in the world of digital marketing, a business owner or digital marketer can maximize resources such as time and money, if they choose an SEO marketing path.

Why? Because SEO is an affordable online marketing strategy which needs careful deliberation, meticulous planning, initiative, strategic approach, and patience.

If done carefully, SEO can bring more small business exposure and amass unimaginable revenues. So you have to swim with the tide and be on your toes for new SEO tips and tricks.

Here’s a rundown of the best ones which will help you boost your online presence.

Start with Local SEO Marketing

It goes without saying that as a small business, sometimes having a limited marketing budget can be a bit disheartening. So why not start small with local SEO marketing.

The upper hand about this is that when you target your local community, they’re ready to act and purchase. So what you can do is register your business for free online listing platforms such as:

  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo!
  • TripAdvisor

You may want to start gathering reviews, testimonials, or any feedback from your customers because chances are, prospects will want to check out the reviews first before meddling with your product or service.

Aim for Long-Tail Keywords

SEO is all about keywords. Sprinkling the right keywords on your blogs, videos, homepage, and even images will have a heavier weight in Google’s algorithm.

You’ll have to do keyword research for your particular niche and see what ranks in search engines. A great tip would be to use long-tail keywords than general ones. These keywords are less competitive and are easier to rank. Also, make sure that you incorporate these keywords with just the right keyword density.

Focus on On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is applying the best white hat SEO on your content so search engines will rank it.

From the titles, meta descriptions, content length to internal and external links, social sharing buttons, and alt text in images; these are effective ways to rank on page one. Although Google ranks high-quality and valuable content with the most relevant information, if it’s not geared towards SEO, you can be getting the short end of the stick and flush all your efforts down the drain.

Strategize a Great Link Building Campaign

Links are crucial in SEO marketing. These links either link back to your site or go to an external website. Hence the term, inbound and outbound links.

One Google metric is to assess a particular site’s reputation through the number of backlinks. You can search all authority sites in your niche and try linking to their website (outbound), or you can even send cold emails and ask these site owners to pitch your blog post (inbound).

Optimize for Mobile Use

Mobile devices are increasing by the minute. This is to keep up with the demand. And where there’s demand, there’s an opportunity.

Users do most of their searches online. Now as a small business owner targeting local SEO, this is extremely crucial if you want local prospects to find you.

Ensure that your site is mobile-friendly which means it’s fast and prioritizes UX (user experience).

Use Analytics

The best part about SEO marketing is that it’s quantifiable. There are data-driven platforms you can use to collect data, analyze them, and improve your future campaigns.

This helps you sort out those digital marketing campaigns that don’t work and revamp an entire marketing blueprint to up your game.


SEO marketing is now considered one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies to date. Small-scale and large-scale businesses are utilizing this caliber to escalate their sales and profits. As long as you’re on the ball on the latest SEO tricks, your small business will gain exposure – online or offline.

Posted by Anthony Blair

Anthony Blair
Anthony Blair is an informative content writer who is passionate about writing on digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media and more. She is currently working with Treasure Valley SEO, one of the leading digital marketing and advertising agencies serving in and around Idaho.

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