Hottest Trends from the SEO Universe That Will Influence Digital Marketing

Hottest Trends from the SEO Universe That Will Influence Digital Marketing

It goes without saying that SEO plays a vital role in increasing your website’s online visibility.

However, apart from this single feat, SEO can do a lot more wonders to your online business and the website; such as driving users to your site and increasing the engagement on your guest articles and blog posts.
Marketers are doing their best to promote their online businesses, which includes keeping an eye on the latest trend in the SEO universe, as well as, in the digital marketing niche. With that being said, here are some of the SEO trends that are predicted to have a great effect on the digital marketing industry:

Voice Search

Thanks to the advancements in virtual assistant services like the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri, the voice search is currently placed on top of the SEO trends, as it defines both the keyword strategy and the search results of a website. With voice search in mind, it is necessary to optimize your keywords accordingly. For instance, using long-tail keywords as conversational phrases will lead to the success of your SEO campaign.

Driving Efforts in Structured Snippets

Gone are those days when Google used to deliver only the website links to the users in their search results. The times have changed, as the major search engine is pouring out an incredible amount of information and meeting the search intent of the users more effectively by leveraging the Structured Snippets and custom widgets. People are getting answers to their queries from the SERP itself. With structured snippets, you can promote your top-rated content with high search volume, without having to put an effort in driving users to your site.

More Focus on Video Engagement

Video and image content has been dominating the SEO campaign for quite a long time. The best example is the growing popularity of YouTube. The video sharing platform is used by millions of people every day to discover interesting dynamic content. Considering the increasing popularity of video content on social media channels, as well as websites, to demonstrate the features of various products, search engines will follow this trend and include the video engagement in their search ranking preferences. For more information on video content and other SEO details, you can contact Tayloright.

Filtering Out Fake News

In the recent times, many brands have endured the wrath of media criticism for sharing and posting news without any credible sources. Content marketing strategies earlier involved the creation of lengthy content without mentioning any source and gained organic traffic even by misleading the audience. This has led to criticism and Google has decided to scrutinize viral contents on the web to verify their authenticity. Hence, the content marketing strategy of your ongoing SEO campaign should include a proper procedure for sharing well-written articles fully backed by credible sources.


Keep these highly-rated SEO trends in mind before employing any tactic in your digital marketing campaign. Following these trends will definitely ensure the long-lasting success of both your website’s SEO, as well as, your overall digital marketing campaign.

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Randy Stark
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