Here’s What Your Customers Should See on Your Business Webpage

Here’s What Your Customers Should See on Your Business Webpage

As they say, the first impression is the last impression. A good website forms the first impression of your business – even before your customers decide to give you their business.

In today’s world, everything is online, and, nobody buys anything before finding out details on the Internet.

Your Website is the Face of Your Business

Just like a great attire tells everything about somebody's personality, similarly, it is the website that gives the very first impression, about any business. If they found you through a link a friend gave them, your website will be your first point of contact with them. Before they even see your store or talk to your staff, they will see your website –and probably decide if they want to give you their business.

You want that first impression to be a good one. We cannot deny the fact that there we live in a competitive world so one has to be spot on in making a website stand out. Business structures are developed based on a thorough understanding of your target market.

Here’s What They Should See

Before we even enter the world of the Internet, we ought to have a complete understanding of what the competitors are doing. One should consider these things before even planning to start a website for a business or product.

You should first assess what exactly you want your potential customers to see and what action do you want them to perform.


A well organised website will be of no use if all the components and icons are not functional. The first and foremost entity to look into in having a perfect business web page is to make sure that the website is completely functional without any errors.

Personality –Yes We are Talking About Your Business

For any business portal it is essential to keep the display as creative as possible. The more visually attractive your webpage is the more likely customers are to return. A well-presented homepage and/or about us section, all of these offer a unique selling point to the customers.

People want an identity and character through your business web page. For example, how trendy you get depends on your business.

Tell Them Who You Are

It is important to inform them who you are. It is always good to lay out what is unique about your business, your products or services portfolio, how long have you been in the market and a little about your team.

What business home page should look like

Give a Clear Idea About the product/service line

There are many websites that you visit but often there is no clear idea about their products and/or services.

There are webpages for many service providers, but they fail to highlight what they offer and how their service can actually help a potential customer.

Pro Tip: Too little information can also lead visitors astray. They wouldn’t know what to buy.

Contact details

It is of utmost importance to provide complete contact details for customers, which includes telephone numbers, address, email addresses and pinned location. Some businesses are completely online so they do not feel the need to provide their address. Others are too reserved in providing their address and keep it confidential. By not providing the address on the web pages, businesses lose credibility and trust. Showing a pinned location induces reliability in the customer base.


Testimonials include awards and recognition that you have earned, reviews by customers, news clippings, case studies and any other third-party validation.

Reviews are important as the new customers need validation of the products that they are about to buy. Previous users can satisfy the doubts popping into the new prospect customers. Remember third party validation is no less than nailing the deal.

Porter says, these are "forge the underpinnings of trust." People are more interested to see if you have big names in your client list.


Blogging is the new age style of giving third-party testimonials regarding a particular product and/or service. Though it isn’t so popular on all business websites, but few are blogging religiously on their business web pages. Customers usually do not bother to read blogs, as they are more interested in the products or services and do not have that spare time on their hands.

Blogging has another advantage i.e. they let you use specific keywords on the content of your website to improve visibility on search engines.

Ease of Navigation

People will not buy what they cannot find. It is imperative to keep your site clean and crisp. Cluster of tabs and icons can be really confusing for the customers who visit your web page. Keep it simple.

If you are unsure about web designing, you can rely on any decent web design service, web design Singapore, which can rid you of your worries.

Browser Test

When we are looking into a quality business website that can make the browsing experience a delight, we should make sure that the particular website has gone through a browser test. A browser test needs to be done to check if it performs well when in use on a smartphone, gadget or computer.

Special offers or Incentives

By offering special offers, coupons or sales; companies gain an edge over their competitors in the same industry. There are many ways to retain and expand your customers. If you allocate enough time to offer them freebies and discounts. They go a long way in retaining your loyal customers. Customers who actually buy online – by offering discounts on their future purchases, offering free gift wraps or a simple thank you note in their email could go a long way in developing customer loyalty.

So if you are not planning to improve the look of your website, you are already lagging behind. Businesses across the globe allocate huge sums for their websites because they realize how important it is to reach their targeted audience. No matter what you sell or what service you provide – if your website doesn’t look good, you need to up your game now!

Posted by Sohail R. Rupani

Sohail R. Rupani
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