7 ways how poor web design can affect your SEO

7 ways how poor web design can affect your SEO

7 ways how poor web design can affect your SEO

Websites are designed to do business and unfortunately, there is no guiding plan or handbook to decide the features of a good website.

For some people, sleek, smart websites work the best and others just acknowledge the websites best which works and let clients do what they want to do. The reviews can be really contradicting and can confuse anyone.

Those who are in the process to build a website for their company/ purpose, are always wondering how to figure out the model for a perfect website.

To answer this, we need to change our perspective and look at the purpose of building a website once again.

Sounds silly, no way. this will give the real picture.

Now, why you need to build a website? To reach people and to let them know about you.

The digital audience will only know you through your website and so you need to create a mind-blowing one.

So, the first step should be to assess the industry or business you belong to. But the question remains that how to become sure of your web designer who can make no mistake and develop the best website for you.

Well, we can help you in this, hold on, do not assume we are offering you templates to download for your website.

Instead, we will discuss the errors or sins which you will not like to be present on your website.

Why websites with errors are dreaded so much?

Because they affect the goodwill, image, SEO and finally affect the ranking. Your client knows about you through your website. nothing can create the goodwill as a superb website can and you yourself know why.

You too visit the websites and make an estimate their presence when you skim through their content.

Mind it, your clients are not the only one skimming your site, even Google crawlers are doing the same job. They decide the ranking of your site in the search results and so, a perfect website appealing to humans and the search engines crawlers is the best one.

To create one, here are the deadly seven mistakes in website design which you must avoid which can affect the SEO ranking.

(SEO is the lifeline for any website; you work really hard, pump in a lot of money and your website is live. But, without getting the right ranking you cannot reach your audience and it fails miserably in SEO.

This is why you need to build an SEO friendly website to get the right amount of traffic.)

Font selection is not apt

Do you know that you communicate with your clients with the words on your website? They understand you with the words printed on your website. But the fact is, we grossly ignore the font and select the one which has the best visual appeal.

Website owners have also started to realize that visitors have a limited amount of time and their attention span is too short. They cannot mess with it and if they fail to communicate with the stipulated time, the bounce rate will increase.

Correct Font actually contributes to the visibility of the site to the visitor. People actually do not like to squint while reading and find it tedious.

Try to use fonts that are big enough and demand attention.

Fancy fonts are good to the eyes but a burden on the brain. This is a small but grave mistake and affects the SEO of the website.

There are contrast fonts which are not at all appealing

A light font on the light background and a darker font on the dark background is all about low contrast font. This again is strenuous to the brain and understanding it is very difficult.

You might see that some people try to adjust their backscreen light to get an idea of what is in front of their eyes.

In print media, this is easy, but in digital media, this is tough. Reason? Because there might be an image in the background with dark colours. They might overshadow the font and the reader has difficulty in reading it.

Also, the web designers have to maintain the monotony of the font selected and so they need to maintain the compatibility of the font with the background.

No accent/ highlighting colour for CTA buttons

“Call now”, “click here”, “start a free trial”, all these need special attention. These are CTA or call to action words or buttons. You need to give the extra attention so that they stand out and create an urge to click.

Websites which has these CTA but do not highlight them is fatal for SEO.

The rankings improve a lot if there is plenty of activity on the site. The Activity comes with these CTA, the audience love to get guided and directed in a smart website.

So, this is the warning bell for those websites which have no color or highlighted font for these actions. If your website is not getting the right audience or appears in the last pages of the search results, then check out if you have the right colors for your CTAA.

Also, check the font for them as they too need to be compatible with the readers eyes.

Poor Website SEO design

Violations of common design principles

The websites have a uniform design which almost everyone follows- now everyone here are the readers and the developers as well.

The reads love to follow the right to left format and the “E” design.

The E design means that the important notification will be on the left side of the page and the read will be from right to left.

Then, it will be continuing till the bottom of the page and the not so relevant information will there below.

Well, this site typical format which the readers are used to. They immediately scan the website in the same way and expect the same in another site.

Now, if you want to go creative fine; but do not compromise it with the usual format.

You can lose your clients in the process and it is an expensive fault.

even the search crawlers do not like this; they appreciate the website which is user-friendly and gives them the right ranking.

SEO is all about getting the right position in the search results and a website with this kind of blunder will never appear in the correct place.

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Website fails to create the company’s story and create the brand

Websites have to be convincing, they are the interface between the client and the business or website owner.

The purpose of building a website is to make people aware of the purpose, create a band and of course change lead into conversions.

A crappy looking website will be hurting the perception of your brand. And the fact is, perception is everything in the digital world.

For instance, if you walk by a book store or a coffee shop, and it looks shabby, outdated, and uninteresting, would you be willing to drop inside for more information or want to sit down with a cup of coffee.

No way, same is with your website.

It should tell about your brand and its purpose.

Your website too should convey the same, it should say that it has the best coffee or the best collection of books for the visitors. Let them figure it out with your website that you are not making tall claims but is projecting the right information.

The digital world is smart; the audience know how to do research about your authenticity, but you need to do your job.

Crete a website which says it all.

SEO features are hugely neglected

What are the SEO features is the website as well, we are discussing about them and there are certain exclusive features for any website owner should know? The URL, title, meta- description of the page and they should be separate and well- defined for SEO to work.

Another important factor is that your website should be readable through multiple devices, for example, it should be compatible with mobile, desktop, laptops, and any other devices.

It should have the capacity to fit into any size and kind of screen. The search crawlers do take notice of this factor and finally, it affects the SEO.

Make the site well-organized

Do you know that clutter and confusion can put anyone away? So, your website has to organized and too much of anything is a strict no-no. never make it overloaded and stuffy; try to make sections and divide them perfectly.

A perfect website increases the conversion rate and the engagement level as well.

You might think that it is a repeat of the pointer 4, but no.

There are certain aspects which you should keep in mind while designing a website. What else can you do?

You can Provide frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers section which is helpful to the new visitors. Also, Ensure the website is arranged in a logical way which we have already discussed.

Publish articles, blogs, and other information regularly containing citations and references, and do not forget to Show author’s credentials.

Also, update your website regularly and show archived information whenever you feel it is necessary.

The bottom lines

These pointers are relevant to any kind of website and business. you need to understand them clearly and find their credibility. A good website has the potential to take the business easily to the next level.

So, discuss them with your web designers and make sure they follow them perfectly.

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