Five simple ways to improve your local presence using website content

Five simple ways to improve your local presence using website content

Every business now active in Brooklyn has some online marketing strategy. Apart from the paid ad campaigns, the upcoming brands have to think about boosting their ranks organically.

The only way to do that is by developing an effective SEO strategy. One of the smartest ways to reduce competition and increase traffic is by narrowing your business location. By being specific about the area you serve in Brooklyn, you can attract the relevant audience without necessarily outranking thousands of other businesses in the next town or state.

For any website, there is no SEO without content. Ranking for SEO is no longer as simple as adding a NAP to the footer and building a directory of links. Websites have to work hard on their content development to get a top rank in their SERPs. Apart from working to improve the readability and quality of your content, you need to think about including these content types in your website.

Creating location-based content matters

If you have several stores in the state of New York, you should create content for each location. A person in Manhattan is less likely to visit a store in downtown Brooklyn for picking up knickknacks. If you have a storefront in Manhattan that is closer to your shopper’s location than your Brooklyn store, you must create content based on the Manhattan store.

The only way to attract a hyper-local audience is by creating content exclusively for that location. Whether it is city-specific, regional or state-specific or district-specific, you need to focus on your immediate vicinity to draw the attention of a relevant audience.

Getting a regional landing page

While competing within a particular area, you should look towards making an impression from the very first page. Your audience won't wait till the second or third page to find content relevant to their area. Your website needs a region-specific landing page. It will help you filter out audience outside your service zone, and it will help your visitors find services or products available in their area.

Several businesses in New York State have separate pages for their stores in New York City, Jamestown, Norwich, and other cities. Creating area specific or city specific pages improve the user experience (UX) for the new visitors. Speak with Brooklyn SEO at Vigor Seorchers to find out how to create a regional landing page that appeals to your buyers.

Including an FAQ section

Today, it is impossible to think of a website without an FAQ section. They can become your one-stop-shop for local content. Apart from mentioning the different services and their USPs in the FAQ section, you can include the address of your local stores and the districts in NYC they serve. If you have more than one store in Brooklyn, you can clarify that too in the FAQ section.

When the search engine spiders crawl your site content, they go through the FAQ section as well. Thus, when a user asks for "XYZ business in Brooklyn," Google can present them with a snippet of relevant content from your website FAQ section. Most importantly, maintaining an FAQ section gives your business access to mobile search users, who rely on voice searches exclusively to find local businesses.

Creating content for specials and discounts

Are you thinking about launching a special offer for Valentine's Day or Women's Day? Then this is your chance to announce it to the relevant audience. Apart from creating geo-specific content, you should develop offers for your regional consumers. For example – if your Brooklyn store is about to offer discounts, go ahead and create posts with long-tailed keywords like "x% off for all Brooklyn residents" or "attractive discounts for all Brooklyn shoppers."

Many businesses believe that offering location-specific discounts limits their reach. However, that is untrue. It ensures that you appeal to a local audience more than the generic, non-converting users. Always remember that no discount is too irrelevant in the race to the top.

Sponsor local events

Whether it is a local quiz contest or bingo night, make sure your brand is present. There is no better way to make yourself visible than to participate in local events. Although the holiday season is over, there is always some festival in Brooklyn.

Find a local yoga class, charity snack baking contest or fashion show. Pick something that is in line with your brand image and shows it off on social media. Apart from making yourself prominent on social media, include these events in your website. Create pop-up banners and lightbox participation invites for your local users. Hosting local events is one sure-shot way to boost your local SEO.

These are the top five ways in 2019 to improve your website content. Additionally, these ways also increase the relevance of your site to the local audience. Now you know. It does not cost a fortune to gain prominence on the web. It merely requires a thorough understanding of the buyer persona and some help from the local SEO experts!

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Thomas Sujain

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