5 Jobs that will be Replaced by AI

5 Jobs that will be Replaced by AI

"They took our Job!" - Southpark

I’ve recently bumped into an awesome site called Will Robots Take My Job?

All you need to do is type your role into the search bar and the site will show you automation risk level and the projected career growth for your industry.

Honestly, I was happy to find out that, as a marketing manager, I won’t be replaced by a robot anytime soon.

Still, this made me think about those professions that are less fortunate.

I’ve done brief research and here are a few jobs that will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Bookkeeping Clerks and Accountants

Statistics show that the jobs in bookkeeping and accounting will plummet 8% by 2024. And, this is not surprising at all. Namely, there are already many intuitive bookkeeping tools that can do the job for us, including QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Microsoft Office. In the future, these technologies will keep evolving and probably become fully automated.

They bring numerous benefits to their users. First, they’re easy to integrate and personalize. Second, they’re more reliable, as they minimize the risk of human error. Most importantly, bookkeeping software pieces are more affordable than hiring an in-house accountant or outsourcing your bookkeeping to a freelancer.


No matter if you are an online business or a blogger, your grammar and spelling are the backbone of your online presence. Articles packed with spelling mistakes and weak language choices won’t resonate with your audiences and may even indicate the lack of professionalism.

However, hiring an in-house proofreader is expensive. Luckily, the rise of AI technologies has also resulted in the evolution of impressively accurate and easily customizable proofreading software. Just look at the various options available right now, from some simple spelling and grammar check Microsoft Word offers to some more sophisticated proofreading options like Grammarly or Reverso.

Grammarly, for example, lets you set your target audience, goals, style, and emotion to get more personalized feedback. Not to mention that, apart from being used as a Chrome extension, you can also integrate it with Microsoft Word, Windows, and Google Docs.

Word Processors, Typists, and Court reporters

Transcription services usually involve Speech to Text processes. In other words, they convert speech (either live or recorded) into a textual document. These services are usually provided for medical, legal, educational, and business purposes.

Even though these jobs are still done by humans, they’re expected to soon be replaced by AI-powered transcription services. While court reporter jobs have a 50% probability of automation, typists and word processors are 80% more likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence.

And, this happens for a good reason. Automated transcription provides users with greater convenience and highly personalized transcripts. For example, a specialized legal transcription company can offer transcription services that are designed specifically to recognize legal terms and provide users with the highest accuracy. Adaptive Speech to Text technologies are also gaining immense popularity in captioning, especially real-time one.

Receptionists and Information Clerks

If you’re a fan of The Office, then you probably remember that Pam predicted that receptionists will soon be replaced by robots. And, she was right. According to Will Robots Take My Job, there is a 96% likelihood that this will really happen by 2024.

In fact, a London-based company hired the first robot receptionist ever and they named it after Pepper, an Iron Man character.

This is yet another proof that, with the rise of artificial intelligence, the old-school receptionist role will soon disappear. Still, keep in mind that, no matter how beneficial AI-powered receptionists may be for international and multilingual companies, this is still a job that requires a human touch.

Taxi Drivers and Long-Haul Truck Drivers

If someone told you 10 years ago that we will use self-driving cards, would you believe them? Probably not. However, this is happening. Self-driving technologies have been tested and implemented by nearly every IT and automotive company. Moreover, millions of self-driving cars are predicted to hit the market by 2020. Furthermore, they’re expected to account for 26% of all new vehicle sales by 2040.

The popularity of autonomous cars is logical. As more than 90% of crashes in the US are caused by some sort of driver error, experts believe that self-driving technologies will save many lives.

Given these facts, it’s not surprising that it’s automated cars will soon replace chauffeurs and taxi drivers. Goldman Sachs even emphasizes that the driverless technologies could kill more than 300,000 jobs in these industries.

The same goes for long-haul truck drivers. Similarly to self-driving cars, autonomous trucks will minimize accidents. Using driverless trucks will also solve the truck driver shortage, as well as help businesses save lots of money. A fully automated trucking industry could help businesses save $300 billion.


The business landscape is constantly changing and evolving. Just look at the jobs like factory lectors, lamplighters, or radio actors. These are all jobs that were invaluable in the past, but they became obsolete due to technology advancements and automation.

The same applies to the use of artificial intelligence. Its primary goal is not to replace humans, but to make our jobs simpler and safer. While it’s going to replace only those roles that require greater efficiency, there are still jobs that cannot be easily replaced by AI. Let’s take an example of human resources managers, content writers, chief executives, and PR managers- these are all highly responsible roles that are still based on creative thinking and building strong relationships with the people around us.

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