Factors Influencing High School Teacher Salary

Factors Influencing High School Teacher Salary

A high school teacher is an individual that is responsible for the education of students in grades nine to twelve. Teaching as a career is regarded as a noble profession as teachers are required to shape and help determine the lives of children and young adults of varying ages at various learning stages.

However, there has been increasing debate on the teacher's wages being deserved. According to salaries hub, teacher’s salary varies greatly in the world. in the US salaries also varies per state however it is important to take into consideration some factors such as benefits teachers receive such as working schedule, vacations as well to determine if their wages are deserved.

Duties and Responsibilities

A high school teacher is mainly responsible for handling a single subject such as mathematics delivered using a variety of methods such as lecture, discussion and evaluated through projects and examination. A high school teacher must have attained a bachelors degree in education or secondary education with a major in the specialization area like mathematics, which the teacher will be required to teach. The teacher is also required to complete student teaching course before being employed as a teacher. The teacher is also required to have authority and ability to control students. This helps them shape the student personality and behaviour as well.

Factors influencing the salary payment

  • Experience level help to determine the salary of a given teacher. A teacher with higher experience such as five years will earn more than someone with a less experience. In the US, salaries increase along a linear path, for instance, a starting teacher will earn $20000 and this will increase to $40000 after 20 years of experience.
  • The location also affects the salary amount paid to an individual. Salaries vary in the US according to states. Some states offer higher salaries than others because of the high cost of living in such states as well as the great economic growth realised.
  • Teachers are offered bonuses and work benefits because they are responsible for shaping a child's life and also they spend more time with the child in school than they are at home. In the US, teachers benefits include sick leave, pension, healthcare and paid time off. They are members of local trade unions that help them access low-interest rates, better insurance packages and retirement plan. Their ten-month salary is structured to be paid over 12 months so that they earn during summer break as well.
  • Most teachers work full time beginning work at 7.30 am and ending their day at 3.30pm. teachers are also entitled to a two months summer break. During the breaks and evenings, teachers may have their own summer school private programs as well as tuition.
  • High school teachers work in either private or public schools. Private schools are owned by religious institutions, individuals and companies. Public schools are owned and funded by the government. Teachers in public schools earn a higher salary than their counterparts in private schools

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