Expand the potential of E-Commerce Stores using Digital Marketing Techniques

Expand the potential of E-Commerce Stores using Digital Marketing Techniques

We live in a digital age where everything our heart desires is available online to us. Whether we want to buy a new pair of shoes or the latest laptop, our very first instinct is to check online on various e-commerce sites for these items.

But, it does not stop there. These days we can buy our household items like soap and detergent online too. We can order groceries without having to leave our homes. We can even order food online when we are not in the mood to cook.

E-commerce has changed the way we shop and even live our lives. Now let us think about it from the point of view of e-commerce companies. If you have started you own online shopping website, you must be thinking that you will benefit from this gold rush. However, it is not easy for every e-commerce site to gain traffic and sales. That is why; some of the most successful online shopping platforms use digital marketing techniques to boost their traffic and sales.

How can digital marketing help your e-commerce?

Since e-commerce is an online platform, the marketing methods also have to be online. There are multiple platforms that can be used for digital marketing for e-commerce sites.

  • Social media On social media, one of the ways that you can get free traffic is by creating your online page and regularly updating it with new products or discount schemes that will drive your page followers to your website. You can also use paid marketing tools like Facebook’s adverts to drive traffic to your site or to boost posts regarding certain promotional offers.
  • Search Engine Marketing By search engine marketing, I mean those ads you see when you search for something on Google, above the organic results. This is a time-tested digital marketing technique as many of your customers search Google for various products. If they see your company on the very top of the results, it will give you a definite boost in traffic and sales.
  • Email Marketing Email marketing is a very powerful tool for e-commerce players. Whenever a customer creates an account on your site, you get their email id to add to your database. This email id can be used in your email marketing campaigns to promote new offers. You can also retarget those customers that abandoned their shopping carts without making a payment.
  • Google Analytics This may not be a digital marketing method but it is a very important tool for measuring the output of your digital marketing. Using analytics, you get to know about where your traffic is coming from, which pages they spend the most time on, which pages they exit and understand the overall behavior flow of your website’s visitors. Using this information, you can also judge which digital marketing channel is proving to be more successful.
  • Mobile Marketing Most of the online shoppers spend a majority of their time online. That is why e-commerce sites develop and launch their mobile apps. So, going by that logic, it makes a lot of sense to market online stores within other applications and on mobile sites. This will help you gain young audience which is more prone to make purchases online.


As there are new advancements in the tools and techniques of digital marketing, who knows what new ways e-commerce companies will have in the future to engage their potential customers. But for now, using these above methods can prove highly fruitful.

Posted by Mike Hall

Mike Hall
Mike Hall is an experienced professional in the field of Internet Marketing and eCommerce development. His years of experience in the field of SEO, Pay per Click, Social Media Marketing and Magento, BigCOmmerce and Shopify development have made him an authority on all things digital. He is an experienced writer having written and published several articles on the subject of Internet Marketing & eCommerce.

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