Excellent Ongoing Magento Support - GoMage

Excellent Ongoing Magento Support - GoMage

GoMage development agency don’t just provide maintenance and Magento support services. They immerse ourselves into the specifics of your business.

What is there in Magento Support Services?

Choosing the Magento platform for your online store, you will not be left alone with your site. Magento support services will have several options for getting help you with questions that arise:

  • You can either solve them yourself thanks to the tools provided by Adobe Inc itself (a Magento developer)
  • Or third-party companies and specialists working with this system will help you.

What kind of technical support for CMS Magento is provided by Adobe Inc?

Adobe Inc (owner of Magento), on the official website of the designer, offers a huge section "Help Center", which contains:

  • answers to the most frequent questions of users
  • given tools and algorithms for diagnosing sites
  • The best options for practical application of products from Magento are given. For example, it explains how to use a particular constructor module, in which situations these modules will be most useful. How to improve site performance, how to speed up order processing and anything that will be useful for the best performance of your online store
  • an extensive general guide to using Magento is given, where the algorithm for working with the engine is explained in detail.

Where else can you get support for the Magento builder

There are also a huge number of forums where developers and Magento support help Magento users for free.

For users who have a paid Magento Enterprise plan, official technical support services are provided directly from the developer of the designer itself. Unfortunately, the Magento Enterprise license is very expensive (starts at $ 20 thousand per year) and is suitable for large projects with millions of dollars in turnover.

But an ordinary user who owns a free version of the Magento Open Source engine has the opportunity to contact Magento support and website development company for comprehensive technical support. There are also many of them all over the world.

Such companies will provide you with comprehensive support for your online store. Magento support and website developers will be able to:

  • create an online store for you from scratch or take on an existing store for service.
  • provide you with Magento 1 to Magento 2 service to help you securely migrate to the latest version of the platform
  • will undertake the technical improvement of the online store.

For example, they will install the modules necessary for operation, configure the server settings to speed up the work of the store, and perform many other necessary actions:

  • check and improve the code on the site
  • improve the UX site design
  • will follow the platform updates
  • will constantly improve the security of your store, protect it from the attacks of ill-wishers.

And, as practice shows, using the services of such companies is much cheaper than buying an expensive license.

Summing up the review of Magento support services , we can say that using this product to create an online store, you will have wide support from both the Magento developer company itself and the webmaster community on various forums. In addition, you can always get help from a wide network of companies that develop sites on this constructor.

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