eCommerce SEO Copywriting: Crack The Code To Boost Conversions!

eCommerce SEO Copywriting: Crack The Code To Boost Conversions!

Wondering about the reasons behind a low conversion rate? Your website copy can be one of the reasons.

Do you know a website's copy goes merely beyond products description and services? It helps to build the brand foundation in the market. The way you describe and provide information about your brand and product matters the most when it comes to the eCommerce industry.
Besides the design, this is the first thing that your customers notice. Further, it is the first thing that they are actually interested in. Because, a well-crafted copy, be it on a landing page or a product description, defines your brand. It provides information and in-depth details about your products and services. And, this is what customers are looking for when they are shopping online. They want to know your products, how they work and benefit them. Further, a persuasive product copy keeps the visitors engaged resulting in a significant boost in our traffic rate.
However, most eCommerce store owners overlook the importance of good content and spend all of their time in optimizing the website's design and layout. And, then wonder about the reasons why their store is yielding low conversions.
Therefore, if you are not having a persuasive website/product copy on your eCommerce store, you aren't making the most of the sales opportunity.
Now, the question arises - how do you write impressive product copies?
One alternative is to hire eCommerce product descriptions writers for full time or outsource eCommerce content writing services. Business owners who are unaware of the SEO tactics and product content writing often go with outsourcing.
But, if you are among those fair number of eCommerce sellers who prefer to understand how you can write persuasive and impressive product copies, here is something for you.
Consider these best eCommerce SEO copywriting practices that will help you build a better relationship with your potential buyers through website copies or product descriptions.

eCommerce Copywriting Practices To Get The Best Out Of Your Business

Be Well Aware Of Your Audiences’ Requisites

If you are in the eCommerce business, we assume you are well aware of your target audience. Thus, let’s skip that part.
However, if you are not then this is the first step to get into the game of writing. You have to identify your target audience and understand their expectations from your products and services. Once you do it, we will move forward to the main steps:

Start With A Bang: Use Impressive Headlines

On average, 8 out of 10 people are only interested in reading the headlines. (Copyblogger) And, the remaining 2 will read the body of the content. However, this does not give any surety that they will read the full content body or not. Because online readers today may lose concentration after 8 secs.
Therefore, headlines are the most important aspect of eCommerce SEO copywriting. While crafting effective headlines always keep in mind the 2U technique:

  • i. Unique - give a unique touch to your headline to make it stand apart from the rest. A completely different angle or value proposition in your headline will attract most buyers.
  • ii. User-specific - Being specific and direct in the headline itself is the best option. It is less likely that people will read in-depth to have the crux of the content. Visitors when browsing your website are in search of prompt information.

Beating around the bush will never help in this case. If you have an impressive headline relevant to their needs and interests, they’re more likely to read your product copy. And, may even be encouraged enough to click on the buying option.

Get Emotions Into Picture By Building Compelling Narratives For Your Brand

For every business, there must be a group of people with authentic stories behind the emergence of the organization. Some businesses also have narratives describing their struggle to create an amazing range of products and services.
For website copy, set up a professional tone for crafting an impressive story of your brand. Using emotions to emphasize your brand’s history and values is a great idea to hook the attention of your target audience. If you are able to engage them better, most likely they will go through the entire page.
For product pages, use narratives in your testimonials and reviews. Narrating how your product and services enhance a customer’s life significantly influences them. There are fair chances that your prospects may turn into conversions.

Wrapping It Up

A well-crafted description results in improved traffic, engagement, and conversions. These tips largely contribute to generating higher-quality copy for eCommerce platforms. However, writing for eCommerce is not that easy as it seems. It takes a long time to develop copywriting skills pertaining to eCommerce SEO.
Therefore, it is advisable to go for eCommerce SEO copywriting services by professionals. Product description writing experts are well aware of the technicalities that go into writing content from an SEO perspective. They skillfully implement the above tips and optimize the content to yield the best results for the business.

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Shraddha Tewari
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