Easy Fix to Customers Leaving your Website without Conversions

Easy Fix to Customers Leaving your Website without Conversions

“Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless unless it produces conversions” , Jeremy Smith.

The online businesses flourish with a continuous effort of digital marketing and advertising. Every effort of marketing is to drive relevant traffic and convert them into loyal customers. The search engine optimization is one aspect of marketing which primarily focuses higher rankings and traffic. The above quotation makes it clear that such rankings and a continuous stream of traffic is useless if the users are not buying anything from a website.

Conversion optimization is among the building-blocks of reaching customers who really need the product or service. It focuses the need to connect with like-minded people who are more likely to make purchases rather than strolling around the website. There are several other aspects that affect the conversion of a website or online shop. Here are some of the easiest fixes to prevent customers leaving your website.

Retain Customers Privacy

The online buyers are hesitant to share their personal and financial details with a website they don’t know. before they may any purchase, they tend to scan a privacy policy of a web shop to know how they will manage the data. Additionally, most of the users are in search of online stores where they can shop specific products in privacy, and no one gets to know it.

If you are targeting a specific group of users with a set of products that has to be sold confidentially, you need to take steps for them. The eCommerce websites may find PrestaShop Hide Shop Module quite friendly in creating shops within their stores for a specific community. It will allow your target users to sign up for private accounts and continue shopping for the products that are not visible to the masses. The privacy assurance will lead you to achieve customer satisfaction and a higher conversion rate.

Customize Checkout Experience

It takes a lot of effort in taking customers to the checkout pages, but still more effort is needed to make them continue with their purchases. Make the checkout page easy to understand and simple. There are companies which are successfully running their online shops with multiple-step checkout pages, whereas some have achieved higher conversion with a one-page checkout page. It saves the loading time in proceeding from shipping to billing details page, and allow customers to enter the data all at once.

Peepers.com has achieved a 30% higher conversion by customizing the checkout experience according to the ease and comfort of their target users. It included redesigning of the page and a reminder to shop more to qualify for free shipping. Customers love customized offers and want to have something additional to waive off the shipping charges. And, they effectively use it.

Pursue a Simple Navigation

The navigation of an online store works exactly as you need to visit a friend in a not so familiar city. You can either get help from GPS or an offline map or instructions. Without any such help, you may not reach the destination and return back to home in frustration.

The main reason your customers are leaving the website could be the navigation that is the difficulty to reach a product, service or a sign-up page. The website navigation guides the users to easily find products through the interactive content you want them to read. To fix the declining trend in conversion, try to make the navigation as simple as a layman can understand.

The Olympic Store was curious as how to make the customers click a product. The home page used to display products without any specific attributes, which was hard for a user to find the kind of jacket they are looking for. The addition of a vertical menu with subcategories of the products improved the navigation and increased conversions by 7.74%. The display of popular products was more appealing to the end consumers to click and have them, rather than browsing through a never-ending page of products.

Add a Live Chat feature

Customers always need to confirm the quality and the price of a product to avoid misunderstanding on either part. They need a quick answer to a question to form a decision and place the orders. They may not opt the traditional methods of contacting through emails or phone numbers as it takes time. On the other hand, users feel more comfortable to ask questions in a live chat feature. They neither have to dial a call nor wait for an email reply. Allowing them to ask anything and giving replies in real time is the ultimate conversion booster.

Intuit successfully implemented the live chat feature into different sections. In spite of a general chat, it has gone a step ahead, they have allowed to ask anything relevant to a product, service or checkout process while staying right on the page. If gives the users an opportunity to interact with the sales consultancy any time they want.

Display Valuable Feedback

Customers’ feedback and testimonials represent the quality you deliver through the products or services. The new users come to read the reviews to know the general customer experience, whereas your existing customers can come to know how successfully you are retaining the quality and meeting customers’ expectations. In either situation, testimonials play a vital role in converting visitors into consumers and repeat customers.

Express Watches carried a survey and revealed that most of the visitors are confused either they will get original or replica watches, and are reluctant to pay the price. They displayed the testimonials on a test basis and got an overwhelming response. The valuable customer feedback helped them build trust among the users and removed the barrier in understanding a fair price for the product. The result was an increase conversion rate of about 58.29%.

The happy clients always return for more shopping and refer websites to their loved ones. So, do not miss the opportunity to get an authority and have higher conversions with word of mouth.


Conversion optimization is an entire mechanism to tweak the web design, navigation and user experience, according to the common industry trends. There are features that are impressively effective in making the customers stay at a website. These may or may not work for a specific niche or unique nature of a business that's why designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs think out of the box to understanding user behavior and mold a website that fulfills their requirements.

The above points and case studies are some valuable examples of how a business tracks the weakness in the home, product or checkout page and tackle it to achieve higher conversion rates. You can get help, carry certain tests as why the customers are leaving your website, and devise a practically viable solution for it.

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