Despite Being Complex Why JavaScript is Embraced on a Large Scale?

Despite Being Complex Why JavaScript is Embraced on a Large Scale?

JavaScript is a cross-platform, object-oriented scripting language. It is a small and lightweight language. Inside a host environment, JavaScript can be connected to the objects of its environment to provide programmatic control over them.

As far as the programming languages are concerned, if it is questioned which language among all is the most complex one? The answer will be JavaScript because it has up to 10 times as much complex codes as rest of the programming languages. Its code complexity and temporality make it intricate. This language gets its place in the software development history, growing rapidly in the middle of a shift from mostly back-end to major front end development, which was incited by the proliferation of smartphones. Despite knowing the fact, most of us wonder that JavaScript, being one of the most complex languages, why is extremely popular worldwide?

The following insight might answer your query:

A Browser Friendly Language

The compatibility of JavaScript with different browsers is one of the major reasons behind the global acceptance of this language. The use of a browser comes widely into the picture when you are accessing the web application whether on a notebook, tablet or on a smartphone. This language makes the browser interface simpler. It was designed to function seamlessly across browsers and devices, so the enlargement of devices and browsers does not invite issues with using JavaScript.

Easy and Flexible

In the constantly changing scenario in each facet of modern business arena, flexibility is considered one of the key aspects. Similar characteristic of being adaptive keeps JavaScript apart from the rest. In terms of being able to update and make changes, JavaScript is more flexible than other languages for instance C. It was designed to query database and give data in the very beginning to offer interactive web information like pricing or part numbers, however, when it comes to build enterprise apps, this feature is extremely handy. This is a well-known fact that modern businesses are data driven, and the more instantly and conveniently a system can get access to the required data better the outcome will be. Apart from being simple and having a great operational speed, a perfectly written JavaScript will run quickly and smoothly.

JavaScript is Getting Empowered

The lately developed software platform, Node.js, is used for creating scalable server-side applications constructed with JavaScript as the language. It allows JavaScript language get a strong control over the server side implementation with no dependency on other software like Apache. This enables the whole application to be built with JavaScript. With the use of one language from front to back lowers development time as well as disappointment.

Experts acknowledge JavaScript as a language of the future for its one of the major characteristics and that is its ability to create intuitive, engaging and consistent web content. It will keep on growing and this growth is likely in the area of writing larger scale business apps. If IT professionals, development service providers and enterprise owners do not recognize the benefits of JavaScript for web applications they will be missing huge on their part.


With the technologies like JavaScript, it becomes extremely convenient to program in a number of locations and these technologies are gaining more popularity at present. This is one of the great and hopeful signs for JavaScript, and thus its potential gets a great boost, especially for a language, which was viewed as a language that had evolved from scripts some time ago, however, to get maturity it took only a few years and now it is the most preferred programming language for a large group of developers. Therefore, the demand of JavaScript developers is constantly on the surge and it has now become a hub for many learners. Despite being complicated, all such key characteristics prove JavaScript a language of the coming hour.

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Arun Goyal
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