Cool Website Design Trends for 2015

Cool Website Design Trends for 2015

When we look back at 2014, there are a lot of changes in the web designing landscape and we can expect more spectacular trends that could emerge for 2015. Since the web technology is a constantly evolving field, we can see a continuous growth that could adapt the screen sizes of new range of devices.

I have discovered a few web design trends that could make its place over the next year. Here are those killer web designing trends that could flourish the World Wide Web in 2015.

Flexible Typography

This is about keeping the font styles in regards to the typographic principles. There is a huge difference between what you see on the web and what you see on the print. In 2015, there will be a great changeover to the old fashioned thinking and we will see how design communities will be adapting this in a good pace. Three most common aspects that could change the readability of the type on web are:

  • Type Size
  • Column Width
  • Line Height

It is already known that large text sizes are easier for reading and are highly welcomed by the audience. It is important for the text to look at its best regardless of the platform.

Hand Drawn Illustrations

Nowadays illustrated images, typography and background are highly expected to be unique as it gives the creativeness to your website beyond the usual business call to actions. Similar to HD photos, illustrations are also going to get a huge recognition in 2015. You might have seen there are a lot of vintage and retro styles that are back to trend. Your hand drawn illustrations might tell a story that is unseen in other websites.

Flat Design

Flat designs will be conquering every pixel in 2015. Google’s new material design is definitely a design inspiration that is in a full bloom. Flat designs are using with bright colors to show up the layout. Many designers have already anticipated about utilizing flat design as they are lean, content focused as well as cutter-free.


As human, we tend to seek information better when it is presented in a graphical manner. This has made the popularity of webgraphics. Similar to infographics, webgraphics is the newest trend that conveys information, but in a large scale. It involves elements that allows user to interact directly with the information. In simple, webgraphics is an interative infographic that contains code rather than a static image!

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Amy Jasmine

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