Common iPhone Issues, Addressed Here.

Common iPhone Issues, Addressed Here.

On average, people spend around three hours on their smartphones every single day, and that’s a lot of time spent on a small device, especially in the long run.

This number leads to around 1,100 hours a year, and during this long span of time, your device is bound to run into some issues. iPhones are capable of handling long-term excessive usage, as long as it's directly partnered with regular maintenance. Your entire experience with an iPhone can turn really sour if you don’t handle the problems that come up along the way, since leaving them untreated often makes the situation worse over time.
Here Are 8 Common iPhone Issues You Might Face Along The Way:

iPhone’s short battery life

Anyone using an iPhone can tell you that they're often annoyed by how fast their battery drains, especially users of any of the older iPhone models. This is largely due to how all App Store applications constantly adapt their applications to the high performance capabilities of newer iPhones, making it require more performance from the older models and therefore draining the battery much faster. An easy way to solve this problem is to stop giving access for applications to run in the background to save more battery. This can be done very easily through the settings.

iPhone getting too hot

Sometimes, you'll notice that your iPhone is unnaturally hot while you're using heavy-performance applications. This can also occur if you expose your smartphone to direct sunlight for a long period of time. In either case, you should consider removing your smartphone cover and placing the phone in a cooler area so that the temperature can go down. You can also close all open applications or completely switch off your phone if you want it to cool down faster.

Old applications not working

The day that you updated your iPhone to iOS 11 was also the day you started the apocalypse that took away any old application that couldn’t be found in the App store anymore. Say goodbye to your vintage Flappy Bird as Apple switched from 32-bit to 64-bit with that software update. There's nothing you can do to access those applications other than hope that the developers will one day update them.

iPhone losing data

Losing data from your iphone

Getting locked out of your phone and realizing that you haven’t backed up in months can be the worst feeling of all, as you know that you're going to have to reset your iPhone. This problem can also come up if you accidentally deleted a valuable picture or some really important notes. The solution to this issue is found in the blog post “iMyFone Review: Recover, Erase, Repair, or Un-Lock iPhone” where skilled software developers provided the methods you can use to recover any lost data from your iPhone through downloading software on your PC that can override any accidental deletion of data. All you have to do is connect your iPhone while using the software provided, and you'll find a menu showing you all the data you can recover.

iPhone speaker not working

This is an extremely common problem found in iPhones that have been used for an extended period of time. Usually, problems with speakers can be fixed by restarting your phone, but that doesn’t always fix it, especially if the problem lies within the hardware itself. Through constant usage, some parts of the iPhone will need to be repaired or even replaced over time. One of those parts is your speaker. If you try restarting it and that doesn’t solve your problem, then consider going to an iPhone technician to take a look at what the speakers are like from the inside.

iPhone not charging

Getting a report that says an iPhone isn’t charging is one of the most common issues found regarding this smartphone. 99% of the time, the issue is primarily found in the charger itself rather than the phone. Test an authentic Apple cable for your device to double-check whether the issue is with your phone or with the charging cable. If it so happens to be part of the 1% where it's actually a problem with the phone, then consider restarting your phone. If the problem persists, then see an Apple technician and have them take a look into the hardware.

Unable to hear properly during call

Many users report an issue of not being able to hear the other person in the call properly, even if there are no found issues with the speaker. This problem is primarily due to an option that cancels out noise when your microphone is being used. This causes a lot of hearing issues with loud public spaces, and turning it off is really easy. Just head to Settings > Accessibility and scroll down to the “Hearing” section, and there you'll find an option that reads “Phone Noise Cancellation.” Simply turn it off, and you'll find an instant improvement in the quality of your calls.

Issues with the proximity sensor

A lot of iPhone issues are easily fixable. However, an issue with your proximity sensor is almost always difficult. This little thing controls the ability to turn off your touch screen if there's anything in close proximity to it, and if it starts to act up, you'll be getting frustrated at your phone really fast. This issue is most likely due to misalignment when installing a new screen or if your phone took a really big hit. In any case, restart your phone and if that doesn’t solve it, immediately head to an Apple technician for help.
Knowing how to handle the issues that rise up can be the most important tip you can get from any Apple technician. Panicking when a problem starts to present itself because you don’t know how to solve it can stress you out, even if the issue is really simple. Researching the most common iPhone problems along with several serious iPhone issues and their solutions before you run into them can save you in critical situations when they do eventually come around.

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