Can Your Website Be Trusted? Easy Ways to Let Your Customers Know They're Safe

Can Your Website Be Trusted? Easy Ways to Let Your Customers Know They're Safe

One of the biggest concerns for people who like shopping online is whether a website is trustworthy. When they're handing over their personal details, including the details of their payment method, they need to know that their identity is safe.

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If they use the wrong site, it could have disastrous consequences. They could be a victim of theft or even identity theft, and they may not notice until it's too late. An unsecured website could also damage their computer, installing malware, spyware or viruses. So if you want to sell goods to the public through a website, you have to make sure that your site looks and is professional and trustworthy. To do this, you need to take several things into account, from simply having a professional design to putting security measures in place. It's up to you to show your customers that you are protecting them.

Professional Website Design

If there's one thing that can make a customer turn back when they begin browsing your website, it's an unprofessional site. If your website looks outdated, messy or amateur, why should a customer trust that you're going to provide a good service? You don't necessarily have to hire a professional website designer/developer. But hiring someone to create and maintain your site will ensure that it's of high-quality. You can use website creation tools, which will provide a functional and sleek looking website on a budget. Professional sites should have legible content, written in perfect English, with no mistakes. And graphics should look modern and professional, not like you've just downloaded some clip-art.

Include Security Certificates and Memberships

If you ask a professional company like Paduka Consultants, they will tell you the importance of making it clear that your website is secure to use. Include SSL certificates and membership logos on your site to show your customers that you commit to providing a trustworthy service. Throughout the process of buying something on your website, give your customers always have a reminder of security. From first hitting the landing page to paying for their purchases, they should know that their information is secure.

Link to Review Sites

Another way to show that your site is trustworthy is to link to external validation. It's all very well you saying that they can trust you, but you would say that. Link to review sites, so that people can see the experiences of previous customers. They will provide feedback on not just the buying process, but the experience they had after ordering too. Reviews will also let potential customers know about the quality of your products and other things. For example, the efficiency of your returns policy.

Be Clear About Who You Are

Lastly, make sure your customers can find out who you are. Have a clear "about us" page and display your contact details. Be sure to have an appropriate domain name too, and use your domain email address for contact.

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