Best Link Building Hacks to Master in 2020

Best Link Building Hacks to Master in 2020

What secrets lay hidden below Google’s algorithm is not for every marketer to fathom.

These updates make it hard for marketers or businesses to determine what the search engine giant is looking for in your business website.
According to an article published on Huffpost, the skyscraper technique is searching the best performing content in your niche industry to reach infleuncers as well as websites to market your content.
When your business comes up with a quality product/service that people relate to, and all these months your site’s rankings in the SERPs would improve and drive quality traffic. Then, Google cautions companies about spammy link building techniques that would punish websites severely. If you have a business website, make sure you abide by Google’s link building rules and regulations. You should keep away from buying links from other sites or ask irrelevant websites to link to your business website.
These guidelines helped webmasters to create relevant websites that will dodge Google penalties after the search engine’s significant algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin. Today, you need to adhere to advanced link building strategies to beat your competitors in the days to come. Here are some of the best hacks to consider:

Unlinked brand mention

When prospective customers or for that matter anyone talks about your brand in their individual blog post or related places on the web, it denotes brand awareness. It is a good thing to happen to your business. You can consider these as ideal link building strategies or methods that would help to augment your referring domain count over the years.
Regrettably, it is not easy to monitor all the online destinations or places, where users have talked about or are talking about your brand. There are some tools such as Mention or Awario, you can use. With these tools, you will get real-time alerts at any time a user talks about your brand name online. You would get these alerts via the links integrated into those alerts. This way, you start to do outreach to assert unlinked brand mentions.

Publish quality guest posts

If you would like to see your business website rank in the search results, you must take responsibility. Therefore, begin guest posting on authority and relevant sites to improve your brand presence in your niche industry. Make sure to write about a theme or topic that is exceptional and delight your targeted users. The content must sound reliable, signifying that you have adequate knowledge and understanding of the subject you are writing about. It will help to draw online visitors to your business website.
Your guest blog content must look as if written by a subject matter expert. For instance, you can research SEO’s best practices, and how to churn out quality posts. You must add a unique idea, not anything is quite common, and people already know about. The content must be remarkable. That is because most websites and publishers are tremendously fastidious about approving guest posts. These people have their final say when it comes to which content to endorse and which to decline.
While you pitch for a quality post, make sure to read the platform’s posting and writing guidelines very carefully. You need to have a hang of the tone and voice of that authority website. Focus on the topics they want you to choose and write. You should compose out high-quality, related, enlightening, and actionable content for the audience. Your guest post should add value to your readers. Make certain that you put up with the publisher’s strategy before you start guest posting. It will help you to earn quality links.
To reap the maximum benefits of guest posting as a link building strategy, you will need relevant links in the post, diverse anchor text to let Google understand that your site is an appropriate source for a set of search terms or keywords (KWs) associated with post topic. Avoid marketing your products or services blatantly in your post. Write useful, informative, and unique content about how your merchandise would make a user’s life easy and beneficial. Or for that matter how your services would solve consumer problems looking for something very definite.

Broken link building

From one time to the other and for numerous reasons, the web pages on the competitor websites often are removed. Many a time, a whole business website becomes offline when a particular business shuts down. While these things happen, the links directed to those removed web pages or sites are considered as broken. If you look at such a situation, a solo non-existing competitor web page or website might have 100 to over 1000 broken links directing at those pages or sites.
Your job in such a situation is to leverage tools such as Ahrefs or related ones to discover and work towards substitution via outreach.

Understand competitor backlinks

When you see that your competitors are ranking top in the SERPs, do not fret. Try to understand, why they exist, not you. There is nothing to feel bad or envious about it. Instead, start understanding your competitor backlinks.
The majority of your competitors, who are at present ranking or occupying the top spots in the SERPs, are usually there for all the right reasons. To be candid, they cannot get at the top by luck or chance. One obvious sign is that Google rewards these kinds of backlinks directing to their website. Instead of worrying, feeling down, or doing guesswork or throwing stones in the dark, look for a competitor link-research tool such as SEO Spy Glass. It will help you to look into high- domain influence backlinks directing to their business website and pick your way to replicate the same. Now, these things need your time and effort. It will happen overnight. Do this tactic for about 5-50 of the competitors and you’ll discover an adequate number of link building possibilities.


Now that you have these top hacks to improve your backlink strategy to crush the competition, make your business presence felt online in 2020 and beyond. Good luck!

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