Best Instagram WordPress Themes to Fulfill Your Needs

Best Instagram WordPress Themes to Fulfill Your Needs

Instagram is currently extremely popular and it has also surpassed the number of users of the other popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Instagram has managed to create a great name and the traffic is also so huge that it is responsible for making a number of stars within a night. Therefore, it is extremely important that you bring your business to Instagram and you should be creating your profile as early as possible. Instagram is popular among the celebrities as well as the general people. It has a huge potential for promoting a business and the product and services of that particular business by building a solid following. You can also make use of Instagram to gain more benefits by integrating your WordPress site with Instagram.

Given below is a list of the best Instagram WordPress themes that you can choose if you are interested in integrating both your Instagram and WordPress site together.


If your choice is elegant, stylish, and powerful, this is the multipurpose WordPress theme that you are looking for. It is undoubtedly the best for a person who has a personal blog. The theme has a unique design and includes loads of options like changing the color, font, layouts, and a lot more. The theme also comes with a built-in slider along with the slider Revolution, which is amazing. This is known to offer a mesmerizing visual experience to your followers when they are going through all the contents in different manners.


This is another superb WordPress theme that you should definitely try. It has been crafted with a lot of attention and details and when you use this theme, you will see it for yourself. It is suited for both personal as well as business users. The design is timeless and the layout comes with a number of smart customizing options, which allow you to customize the layout, colors, and typography, according to the needs that you have.

The theme is free from any kind of bloats and it can be customized in an easy manner. The coding ensures that all your plugins are compatible with this theme. You have the option of creating, publishing, and sharing all your content with the Alpha blog and it is known to cost only $24.

Brooklyn Indie Band

This theme is modern, pretty, elegant, and clean, and a number of businesses find it extremely suitable for all the needs that they have. It makes all the internet presentations simple for the bands, and it can showcase the products and services of a particular business in an amazing manner. The theme provides a lot of assets for making the site look absolutely perfect. You will also get a few amazing features by paying $39 only.

New York

This theme is known to cater to the variety of needs that the different kinds of new and old bloggers have. It has a clean and fast design, which is capable of promoting all your content in a manner that captivates all your readers. Once you use this theme, you will start feeling that the other themes are bloated, messy, and not as simple to use as this one. You have to install this theme and then activate it and after this is done, you will become ready to start blogging. It is known to provide three styles of blogs and a few great features. It is available for $19 only.


This theme is unique in comparison to the other blogs because of the classic and simple style that it is known to follow. The theme is also known to offer immense possibilities, optimization, and responsiveness. The theme is completely responsive and perfect for Instagram, newsletter, and a number of widgets. It can be customized in a hassle-free manner and it costs only $49. If you use Instagram on regular basis, you can visit, and get real likes on your posts to make it look even more credible.

Social Media Wordpress Themes


This theme is extremely responsive and it is ideal for showcasing all the professional achievements, sharing knowledge, and more. You can also use this as a diary to showcase your life online. This theme is particularly for the personal bloggers and it is convenient for the professional websites as well. You will get 3 variations of the homepage, and a number of posting styles to select from. This theme is based on the framework of bootstrap CSS and it costs only $19.


This theme is clean and it has a bold and beautiful design that is perfect for creating personal blogs. It is trendy and has a pure elegance, which is responsible for adding value to the site, and it is also helpful in promoting your site in a befitting manner. A number of features are offered that include the full-width layout and the sidebar layout. You will get 4 layouts and you will also see a space below your revolution slider as well as on top of the footer for adding more sidebars. For 39 dollars, you can be assured that this particular theme is extremely good for the money that you are paying.


This is another responsive WordPress theme, which has been designed beautifully for displaying all your contents in an elegant and modern style. It has all the popular features that you normally look for in a theme, which include the header, featured carousel and slider, options panel that is truly user-friendly, and a number of other cool features. The theme is also known to offer a number of layout and post options and more than 600 Google fonts. You will not face any difficulty when you are installing this theme and setting it up.

Dash Blog

This theme is exclusive and it is clean and simple, which helps in promoting both the professional as well as personal blogs. You can be assured that this theme is completely responsive, and it has been designed for adapting to the style and the screen size of the device on which it is being viewed. The amazing features it offers include the variations in the home page, unlimited styles, four unique posts layout, a built-in image gallery and much more.


You can select all these themes if you are interested in clean but responsive themes. Furthermore, you will not be disappointed if you select from among any of the themes that have been mentioned here.

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