Best FREE Tools for Your Web Design Project

Best FREE Tools for Your Web Design Project

Best FREE Tools for Your Web Design Project

If you are embarking on a web design project, you will want to make sure it’s done professionally and in the least expensive way possible.

Designing a website can be daunting, especially if you are trying to stay within a budget.  However, with the web design tips and tools below, you will be able to design a beautiful,  responsive website for your business for almost nothing. 

Designing a website requires extensive planning.  You will want to have a vision for the overall style of your site, as well as basic structural planning and optimization for search.  Read on to find out how the five tools below can assist you in planning the perfect website.

5 Top FREE Tools


One of the most important elements of any website are the graphics you choose to represent your website visually.  However, buying stock photos is very costly.  Fortunately, one of the best solutions for images if you are on a budget is a website called Pexels.  

On this site, you can find high-resolution images and download them for your website, royalty-free.  Additionally, you can choose professional stock video footage for your website as well.   Although the video database is smaller than the database of stock photos, there’s enough to work with.  You can use this great site and come up with a modern design for any website free of charge.


WhatFont is a browser extension that enables designers to scroll over the font of any website and see what the website’s font is.  It’s an easy tool to use if you love the look of a website and want to achieve the same look easily.

I know it is quite common for web designers to get clients who love the look of another website in their niche.  WhatFont is a great tool that enables you to easily and quickly know the right font to use on any given website.


Another fantastic tool for digital marketers is OBS.  OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software, is a helpful tool if you are interested in using live streaming or screen capture videos to expand your reach online and boost the SEO of your website.  OBS is free, and although the tool can seem a bit intimidating, there are a number of tutorials online to help you set it up properly.

Using a screen capture tool is highly recommended to showcase metrics, methods and case studies.  When embedded into a website, you can benefit from a boost to the site’s rank as well as an increase in user engagement.  This is especially beneficial in more high-profit niches such as real estate SEO and attorney websites where a few leads could mean a very high return.


Yoast is another tool which is free unless you have a premium version (which, in my opinion, is not necessary).  Yoast is installed as a plugin on your WordPress website.  It easily enables you to optimize your website and perform all of your SEO tasks such as restructuring URL’s, optimizing your meta description, optimizing SEO titles, checking keyword density and more.

Yoast is easy to use and very direct.  When a page is optimized correctly, you will see a green circle next to the page.  Your page will be graded by two SEO factors – an SEO score and a readability score.  While green indicates your page is perfectly optimized, orange indicated that it needs more work, and red indicates a failing score.


Another great FREE tool to help you in understanding how to approach any website design project is BuiltWith.  If you’re curious about a competitors site and want to analyze how it was built this is a great site.  You can look up the technology that was used on any website by simply plugging its URL into the tool.

In Summary:

Building a website is never an easy task.  However, you have an array of tools at your disposal for any part of your web design project.  Breaking down your project in such a way to tackle projects one by one is recommended. 

Take a look at some of the free tools listed above.  They will help you with different parts of your design job, including handling graphics and videos, SEO and design planning

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