Best approach to upgrade app UI in 2020

Best approach to upgrade app UI in 2020

Research suggests that 94% of the first impressions are based on the design!

Investing time, resources and effort to upgrade app UI is vital to ensure a successful end product! UI is that crucial component of your app development that can make or break the deal within seconds!
An enthralling UI is not just a tool to make the visuals more appealing but in fact, a lot rides on how engaging and captivating your UI is. Following are some of the major advantages your app enjoys when it has a great UI:

Benefits of upgraded app UI

Value Addition: A good UI adds great value to your app by accentuating and regulating the impression people get of your app. You can have the most unique idea in the market but if it is not backed but good UI it will go to waste.
Connection of Brand and Users: When you design a UI keeping customer insights, needs in mind it reflects in the over UI of the app and helps users instantly connect with your brand. Choosing the elements that will complement your users’ interests takes you a long way!
Simplification of the Process: A great UI simplifies the process for smooth and seamless navigation of your users which is a significant factor in keeping them hooked to your app.
Enhances App ROI: When users feel delighted when navigating through an app, their satisfaction will lead to better app engagement eventually leading to a better ROI.
Now that we have understand why we should have an amazing UI, the probing question running through everyone’s mind is what can we do to up our UI game in the coming year! Well worry not, sit back and relax as we take you through the trends and pointers to follow in 2020!

UI Design Tips for 2020

  • Simplicity is the key: We cannot stress this enough! The simpler you keep your user journey the easier it would be for your users to navigate their way through the app. By bombarding your design with all possible elements you do nothing but confuse your users. Avoid doing that by sticking to simplest designs.
  • Responsiveness goes a long way: This is one the key factors in keeping users engaged. Create designs which are adaptable to all screens so that your users, regardless of the devices they may be using, are welcomed by a familiar and easy UI.
  • Popular Icons are Popular for a reason: Sometimes in our rage of being different from everyone we ended up doing things which are not perceived well by the users. Relax and do not get involved with new mysterious icons merely for the sake of being different. Stick to the popular icons because their popularity is backed by likeness of the end-user. This boosts your app engagement and customer retention.
  • Consistency is the secret ingredient: Your designs, the font sizes, and the colors in short everything has to be consistent throughout all app screens. Inconsistency tends to have a drastic effect on user engagement.
  • Platform Based Rules are not boring: While adhering to rules in life is generally considered boring, when it comes to great UI and UX, sticking to platform based rules is actually a good thing. Both Apple and Google have design guidelines. Following them is going to save you half the trouble.
  • Get good loading speed or Go home: The era of today is for the swift and nimble. Anything slow will die and earlier death. So ensure that your design elements do not take a lot of time to load. When it comes to user retention even the delay of milliseconds has been proven to be monumental. So do not forget to focus on the loading speed of your screens and elements.
  • Test, and test. Then Test AGAIN: Goes without saying, but we will say it anyway! Multiple tests not only help you improve the existing designs but also help in eliminating extra or unnecessary elements hindering your user’s journey through the app. If you are building a commercial app then there’s no shortcut to avoid extensive testing. However building an app for internal business processes may not require extensive testing as it is only for employees.
  • Iterate Regularly: The market is ever changing and user behaviors are constantly evolving. Remaining stagnant can be the death of your app so keep iterating your designs regularly. Even the app giants like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat are constantly coming up with different UI experiences.

Some existing elements and techniques which are here to stay in 2020 are as follows:
Full screen background images: Full screen background images have proven to be more user friendly, provide easier navigation, and known to compel users to spend more time on an app! Full screen images tend to instill a realistic and authentic vibes accentuating your overall user experience.
Button-less UI: Button-less UI is the new cool. It takes keeping the mobile UI design seamless to a whole new level. You might wonder how it is even possible but you have been enjoying it on Instagram story viewing and didn’t even realize it! The drag to cart button on e-commerce platforms is also another example.

Story-telling and custom illustrations:

Think beyond the canvas of banners and repetitive design patterns. Custom illustrations accentuate the story telling concept which has proven to be more engaging for users leading to a better ROI as a consequence.

Overlapping effect:

Overlapping effect tends to create an illusion of space and makes it visually more appealing and easy on the eyes. Nothing is crammed up in a small mobile screen once you use the overlapping effect for your UI design.

Voice Powered Interfaces:

Voice powered interfaces are definitely going to be a major trend in the coming year. By 2020 50% of the searches will be done via voice so whoever doesn’t include voice powered interfaces in their mobile UI design is actually doing themselves more harm than good.
The way to survive in the cut throat competition out there is only by incorporating the aforementioned tips and trends in your UI designs.

Posted by Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams
UI/UX expert in Origami Studios since 4 years helping brands create user-friendly designs that can best complement a brand persona with top-notch UX design services.

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